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2 pin LED Strip to Wire Connector for 10mm Strip
  • 2 pin LED Strip to Wire Connector for 10mm Strip
  • 2 pin LED Strip to Wire Connector for 10mm Strip
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2 pin LED Strip to Wire Connector for 10mm Strip
Model: strip-to-wire-10
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    2 Pin LED Strip to Wire Solderless Connector for 10mm Strip

    This 2 pin LED strip to wire quick connector is an easy-to-use solderless connector, often used to connect single color LED strip light to controller or power supply. The LED connector is suitable for installing 12V or 24V 3528, 2835, 5050 white LED light strips that are 10mm wide, and with LED density of 160 LEDs per meter at most.

    Just cut the LED light strip along the cutting line, slip the strip end along the guide into the connector, fold over the clip cap on the back, and lock it into place. It just creates a secure solderless connection so easy!

    Our unique back clip design makes the connection super tight. More importantly, compared to other connectors on the market, it offers larger area of contact for the copper pads of our LED strips and the copper pads inside the connector. The larger area of contact offers better electricity flow, ensuring the best performance of your strip lights. The connector allows 6 Amps max current, ideal for high output LED strip light installation.

    The connector body is made of flame retardant nylon, able to prevent or retard the propagation of fire.

    The connector is super slim and easily fits most LED aluminum channel profiles.

    Product Features

    • 2 pin 10mm strip to wire connector.
    • 6 Amps max, suitable for high output LED strips.
    • For 12 or 24V DC strip light.
    • Total 6.3 inches (160 mm) long.
    • Create tight and secure connection.
    • Flame retardant material.
    • Fit most LED aluminum channel profiles.

    For more choices of indoor or waterproof LED strip connectors, please see the LED strip connector category.

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      Model:  strip-to-wire-10  
      Finish:  White  
      LED strip:  10mm wide, single color, max 160 LEDs/m  
      Connector Size:  16x12.4x4.5 mm (0.63x0.49x0.18 in)  
      Total Length:  6.3 inches (160mm)  
      Amperage:  6 Amps Max  
      Voltage:  12V or 24V DC  
      Wire Gauge:  20AWG  
      Rating:  CE, RoHS  
      Material:  Flame retardant nylon and copper