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RGB Bluetooth LED Strip Controller Mini
  • RGB Bluetooth LED Strip Controller Mini
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RGB Bluetooth LED Strip Controller Mini
Model: rgb-bluetooth-mini
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    Mini Bluetooth RGB LED Strip Controller

    This mini Bluetooth RGB LED controller allows you to freely control RGB LED strips and lights for places where there is no network available, such as cars, RVs, limos, etc. To use your smart phone or tablet to control, Magic Light app, the Bluetooth LED controller software, needs to be installed first. That's why it is also called Magic Light Bluetooth RGB LED controller. After connected through Bluetooth, you can select from millions of colors, and make the LED strip stay on a specific color. Or select a color changing mode, such as flash, fading, strobe, etc. It can easily sync lighting with music played on your smart phone.

    Apple users can find the LED controller app Magic Light in apple strore. For Android users, it can be found in Google Play Store or from browsers. The APP is free to download and use.

    Through the app on your smart phone or tablet, it is easy to create zones or groups to work as a multi zone LED controller.

    To learn more details and Bluetooth knowledge, please see Bluetooth LED controller series. It has some examples on how it works as well. If you want a controller that works with Alexa or Google Assistant, please select a WiFi LED controller.

    Product Features

    • Select from 16 million colors, adjust brightness easily
    • A variety of built-in dynamic color changing modes
    • Support customization of color changing modes
    • Group or multi zone synchronization control function
    • Light and music sync function
    • 12-24V DC input, NOT to use 120V
    • 30 ft control range

    For more choices, please see RGB LED controller series.


      Model:  rgb-bluetooth-mini  
      Type:  Bluetooth, wireless  
      Input Voltage:  12V or 24V DC  
      Light Color:  RGB or RGBW  
      Output Channels:  4 CH  
      Max Amps:  4A x 4CH  
      Output Voltage:  12V or 24V DC  
      Output Wattage:  144W or 288W for RGB  
      Waterproof:  IP20  
      Rating:  CE, RoHS  
      Warranty:  1 Year