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48Watt 24 VDC 2Amp Desktop Power Adapter
  • 48Watt 24 VDC 2Amp Desktop Power Adapter
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48Watt 24 VDC 2Amp Desktop Power Adapter
Model: 24V-2A-Adapter
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    48Watt 24 VDC 2Amp Desktop Power Adapter - UL listed

    This 24V AC DC power adapter converts AC high voltage to DC low voltage, and works perfect as a 2Amp adapter for LED strip lights. This desktop power adapter provides max 48 Watts power. As an efficient Class 2 power supply, it is widely used for 24V RGB and white LED light strips. It is built to last long, made of quality electrical components, black enclosure casing, and wires (UL listed wires for AC side). The power adapter is easy to install and use. Just plug into a wall outlet or power strip, and connect the DC output plug to 24V LED strip lights. You have finished the installation. It is designed with electrical protection measures, such as short circuit, over voltage, overload, etc. This power adapter is UL listed, Class 2 certified, meaning extra safety protection.

    Product Features

    • Max Output: 48 Watts.
    • Output Voltage: 24Volt DC, constant voltage.
    • Output Current: 2 Amps Max.
    • Output plug: standard 5.5mm / 2.1mm barrel.
    • Input Voltage: 100 - 240 VAC.
    • Protections: Short circuit / Over voltage / Over current / Overload protection.
    • Built-in electromagnetic impulse filter.
    • Full load burn-in tested.
    • Low ripple noise.
    • Damp-proof, Dust-proof.
    • Operating Temperature: 14°F - 122°F.
    • Certification: UL, Class 2, RoHS, DoE Level VI
    • Warranty: 2 years.
    • If necessary, use a dimmer on the DC side. Do NOT use dimmer on the primary side.

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      Model:  24V-2A-Adapter  
      Wattage:  48 Watts  
      Input Voltage:  100-240 VAC  
      Output Voltage:  24V DC  
      Output Current:  2 Amp Max.  
      DC Wire Length:  150cm (5 ft)  
      AC Wire Length:  150cm (5 ft)  
      Rating:  UL, Class 2, RoHS, DoE Level VI  
      Dimension:  119x53x32mm (L*W*H) 4.68x2.09x1.26in  
      Warranty:  2 Years