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24V 6A 150W Waterproof LED Power Supply, Mean Well XLG-150-24-A
  • 24V 6A 150W Waterproof LED Power Supply, Mean Well XLG-150-24-A
  • 24V 6A 150W Waterproof LED Power Supply, Mean Well XLG-150-24-A
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24V 6A 150W Waterproof LED Power Supply, Mean Well XLG-150-24-A
Model: XLG-150-24-A
SKU: XLG1524
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    24V 6A 150W Waterproof Power Supply, Mean Well XLG-150-24-A

    This 24V 6A power supply provides 150W max DC power, a highly reliable waterproof power source for 24V LED strip lights and other LED lights in indoor and outdoor applications. In addition to the high efficiency up to 93%, its metal enclosure greatly enhances heat dissipation. Under natural air convection, the XLG-150-24 is able to work on full load in the temperature range -40 ~ +90°C (-40 ~ +194°F). It has extremely low no-load power consumption (which is 0.5W) and complies with UL and CE regulation, making it easy to pass various design and installation requirements. XLG-150 has complete protection functions, providing a reliable solution for various residential and commercial applications.

    This 24V 6A power supply is not only a constant voltage driver that is suitable for LED strip lights, but also a constant current power supply suitable for constant current driven LED lights.

    Easy installation and suitable for North America and Europe

    It is easy to install this 24V 150W waterproof power supply. When installing the power supply for AC side, hard wire the power supply to AC source. For DC side, connect to LED strip lights or LED controllers using wires (16AWG, 18AWG, or 20AWG wire, depending on length and current load).

    This 24V power supply is suitable for installation in both North America and Europe. It accepts a wide range of input voltage, from 100 to 350VAC.

    Product Features

    • MEAN WELL 24V 6A waterproof power supply, 150W.
    • Waterproof: IP67.
    • AC input: 100~305VAC.
    • Output Voltage: Constant 24V DC.
    • Bare wire cables in and out.
    • Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +90°C (-40 ~ +194°F).
    • Rating: UL listed, CE.
    • Protections: short circuit / over current / over voltage / over temperature.
    • Cooling: Metal enclosure, natural air convection.
    • Withstand 5G vibration test.
    • High efficiency, highly reliable.
    • Full load burn-in tested.
    • MEAN WELL 5 year warranty.

    If you need other 24V LED power supplies, please see the 24V LED power supply series.

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      Model:  XLG-150-24-A  
      Type:  Constant Voltage  
      Waterproof:  Waterproof, IP67  
      Max Power:  150 Watts  
      Input Voltage:  100 ~ 305 Vac (120V, 240V, or 277VAC)  
      Output Voltage:  24V DC  
      Output Current:  6.25 Amps max.  
      Working Temp.:  -40 ~ +90°C (-40 ~ +194°F)  
      Manufacturer:  Mean Well  
      Rating:  UL, CE  
      Dimension:  180x63x35.5mm (L*W*H) 7.1x2.48x1.4in  
      Warranty:  5 Years