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LED Recessed Channel with diffuser for LED Strip, 2M (6.56FT), W32B
  • LED Recessed Channel with diffuser for LED Strip, 2M (6.56FT), W32B
  • LED Recessed Channel with diffuser for LED Strip, 2M (6.56FT), W32B
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LED Recessed Channel with diffuser for LED Strip, 2M (6.56FT), W32B
Model: W32B
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    LED Recessed Channel for LED Strip Light, 2M (6.56FT), W32

    This recessed LED channel is a large U shape channel with plastic lens cover as LED diffuser, great for ceiling lighting. The depth of this channel makes it easy to use any model of our LED strip lights to achieve dotless and continuous lighting with super diffusion effects. This LED channel is designed with wings, also called lips or flange, that can overlap unpleasing groove edges or gaps when recessed mounted. It is often used as drywall or ceiling led strip channel.

    The recessed aluminum channel can accommodate LED light strips up to 1.5 inches (39mm) wide. You have the choice of using single row, double row, or even triple row of LED strips. The aluminum channel also provides a rigid housing for the LED strips, maximizing the lifetime of the LED strips by dissipating heat away, and protecting them from water, dust, UV radiation, weather conditions, and other unwanted damaging elements.

    The extrusion channel comes as a complete kit, including a cover(diffuser lens), two end-caps and two sets of spring mounting buckles.

    This aluminum channel is typically recessed or flush mounted, using screws or spring mounting buckles.

    Product Features

    • Made of high quality anodized aluminum with thick layer of aluminum oxide.
    • Works for LED light strip that is up to 1.5 inches (39 mm) wide.
    • 2 Meter (6.56 FT) long, with frosted cover.
    • Includes 2 end-caps, 2 sets of spring mounting buckles.

    Extra end caps or mounting buckles can be purchased here: end-cap W32, mounting buckles W32.

    Many more models of LED strip channels are available for your LED strip project, from slim and low profile to mid and large sized, including surface mounted, recessed mounted, corner mounted and more. For more choices, please see LED strip channels.

    For your choices, we offer various series of top quality LED strip lights.


      Model:  W32B  
      Type:  Anodized aluminum  
      Color:  Silver  
      Diffuser Cover:  Frosted  
      Length:  2 Meter (6.56FT)  
      Width:  65 mm (2.56 in)  
      Height:  35mm (1.38 in)  
      LED strip width:  up to 39 mm (1.53 in)  
      Accessories:  2 End-caps, 2 sets of Mounting Buckles