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LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights for Ceiling, Under Cabinet, Display Cabinet Lighting

With passion and profession, we are dedicated to manufacturing and selling high quality flexible LED strip lights. Over a hundred models, low to high outputs, highly bright and high CRI, indoor and outdoor waterproof LED strips, all you can find here. They are the most popular choice of modern homeowners, professionals and lighting designers for various applications, such as under cabinet, ceiling cove, hallway, display cabinet, yard, landscape, ambient, and access lighting. LED light strip kits are also available for small to medium projects.
New to LED or need help? See LED strip light buying guide.

5-Year Warranty. We know that your projects need high quality LED strip lights. Our expertise and over 12-year experience make us good at making professional LED strips. They are UL listed and come with 5-year warranty.

Helpful Articles for Choosing LED Strip Lights

How do LED strip lights work?

For the white or single colored LED strips to work, they need to be connected to an LED power supply of proper voltage. Connect the LED power supply to home electrical system and the LEDs will produce lights right away. You can optionally install an LED dimmer to adjust the brightness level.

If RGB, RGBW, RGBCCT, or tunable white LED strips are used, an LED controller is required and should be placed between light strip and power supply.


LED strip lights provide the most beautiful modern lighting, and are the most versatile light on earth. The only limit on its application is the imagination. They are super low profile and easy to hide and install for lighting without seeing the light source. Easy to cut and connect, and super energy-efficient to save operation cost.

Residential applications. LED strips are widely used for under cabinet, under counter, ceiling cove, hallway, kitchen, bedroom, living room lighting, roof eves, patio, almost anywhere for a house.

Commercial projects. They are often seen in commercial places, display case and cabinet, retail store walls and ceilings, restaurant, bars, clubs, landscape, plaza walkway and steps, and more.

They are usually used together with LED strip channels to create stunning lighting effects, greatly improve visual appeal of any space. The channels can help deliver professional finish look, better light diffusion, and various shapes of lighting desired.