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Touch Screen 3 Zone RGB LED Strip Controller Pro Kit, US Size
  • Touch Screen 3 Zone RGB LED Strip Controller Pro Kit, US Size
  • Touch Screen 3 Zone RGB LED Strip Controller Pro Kit, US Size
  • Touch Screen 3 Zone RGB LED Strip Controller Pro Kit, US Size
  • Touch Screen 3 Zone RGB LED Strip Controller Pro Kit, US Size
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Touch Screen 3 Zone RGB LED Strip Controller Pro Kit, US Size
Model: pro-rgb-wall-3zone-kit
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    Touch Screen Multi Zone (3 Zone) RGB LED Strip Controller Pro Kit, Wall Mount

    This Multi Zone RGB LED Controller Pro Kit allows you to enjoy controlling up to 3 zones of RGB multi color strip lights. The kit includes a wall mount touch screen multi zone controller and a 4-in-1 Pro RGB receiver. The controller is equipped with a highly sensitive touch screen of glass surface. Choose the color you like via the touch color wheel, or you can use the dedicated buttons to select red, green, blue, and white colors individually, and adjust the light intensity. It offers 10 built-in dynamic color changing modes. Excitingly, by touching a button, you can also enjoy the warm white, neutral white, or cool white that is produced by the auto mixing of RGB colors.

    With a dedicated button for each zone, you can freely switch to the desired zone easily. Zones provide great flexibility to control different groups of lights independently or synchronously with a single controller. You can set each zone individually and create the perfect ambiance lighting. This way you can save energy by turning off the zones that are not needed. This multi zone RGB Controller Pro has the power off memory feature. The lights will return to the previous settings when powered on.

    The kit is ready for installation, items included:

    • A multi zone RGB LED Controller Pro, 3 zones, intuitive touch screen and buttons, wall mount
    • A Pro RGB Receiver

    For installation, this multi zone LED controller is to be wall mounted (two screws included). It easily fits in any common US household light switch box. Via RF control signals that can go through walls, the controller is to be wirelessly connected with the Pro RGB 4-in-1 receiver. Wireless connection reduces wiring work and simplifies your light installation, saving labor and time. RGB light strips are wire connected to the receiver. One controller can be paired with unlimited receivers within its control range. This wireless receiver can also be used for white, tunable white, and RGBW LED strip lights, so it is called 4 in 1 Receiver.

    The Pro 4-in-1 RGB receiver is also WiFi compatible. Adding a WiFi gateway transmitter, it turns into a WiFi RGB controller, which can be controlled by smart phones via an app, and integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and smart home lighting control system.

    Product Features:

    • Highly sensitive glass touch screen, white finish.
    • Touch color wheel and control buttons for easy selection and switch.
    • Control multi zone up to 3 zones, independently or synchronously. Dedicated buttons for each zone to easy switch.
    • Dedicated buttons for individual color selection and brightness adjustment of red, green, blue and white colors.
    • Touch a button to easily enjoy warm, neutral and cool white color mixed by RGB colors.
    • Power off memory function. Return to previous setting when powered on.
    • 10 built-in dynamic color changing modes.
    • 12-24VDC input for both Controller and Receiver.
    • Receiver output 12-24VDC.
    • One multi zone Pro RGB controller can control an unlimited number of Pro RGB receivers within a control range of 30-meter (100 feet) radius in a benign electromagnetic environment. RF signal goes through walls.
    • Wall mount. Fit in any standard US household electrical light switch box.

    If you are setting up multi zone LED lighting, you can buy multiple Pro RGB LED Receivers. Of course, you can buy multiple of this Multi Zone Touch Screen Pro RGB Controllers to install in different locations for convenience as well. One receiver can only be controlled by 8 remote controls at most.

    For more choices on RGB controllers, please see RGB LED controller series.


      Model:  pro-rgb-wall-3zone-kit  
      Type:  RF Wireless, WiFi Compatible  
      Multi Zone:  Control 1 to 3 zones  
      Controller InputVolt:  12V or 24V DC  
      Receiver Input Volt:  12V or 24V DC  
      Light Color:  RGB  
      Output Channels:  4 CH  
      Output Max Amps:  8A/CH  
      Output Voltage:  12V or 24V DC  
      Output Wattage:  288W or 576W  
      Control Range:  100ft(30 meters)  
      Controller Sizes:  120x75x29mm (4.72 x 2.95 x 1.14in)  
      Receiver Sizes:  168x58x28mm (6.61 x 2.28 x 1.10in)  
      Waterproof:  IP20  
      Rating:  CE, RoHS, UL(receiver)  
      Warranty:  2 Years