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RGB LED Strip Controller RF Remote, 8 Zone
  • RGB LED Strip Controller RF Remote, 8 Zone
  • RGB LED Strip Controller RF Remote, 8 Zone
  • RGB LED Strip Controller RF Remote, 8 Zone
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RGB LED Strip Controller RF Remote, 8 Zone
Model: rgb-remote-8zone
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    Multi zone RGB remote control for 12V or 24V LED strip

    This multi zone RGB remote control needs to be paired with the 5-in-1 wireless controller receiver. It can be used to control not only RGB LED strips, but also white, single colored, RGBW, RGB CCT, and tunable white strip lights. When paired with the controller receiver, this wireless RGB remote can control up to 8 zones of LED lighting, independently or synchronized, for color, saturation, brightness, color changing modes, and more.

    The RGB wireless remote has a control distance of 30 meters (100ft). Utilize RF signal, do not need line of sight between remote and receiver. So the signal can go through barrier and walls.

    Product Features

    • Control range is 100 ft, or 30 meters.
    • RF wireless, no line of sight needed. Signal goes through walls.
    • Multi zone (up to 8) control function.
    • 9 preset modes.

    Note: the remote operates on 2 x AAA batteries. Battery is NOT included.

    To improve control sensitivity, please keep your finger off the touch color wheel when installing the batteries. During use, if found the touch color wheel is low in sensitivity, please change the batteries. Use the remote 3 seconds after battery changed.

    Don't use it in humid and dusty environment. Wide range metal and strong electromagnetic wave can affect its control distance.

    One remote can control countless 5-in-1 wireless controller receivers. But one receiver can only be paired with at most 4 remotes.

    The load capacity depends on the controller receiver's wattage, not on this remote

    This RGB remote control REQUIRES at least one 5-in-1 wireless controller receiver. If you are setting up multi zone LED lighting, you can buy one remote, and multiple receivers. Of course, you can buy multiple remotes to place in different locations for convenience as well.

    The 5-in-1 controller receiver is is WiFi compatible. Adding a compatible 2.4G WiFi Gateway Transmitter, the controller receiver can work as a WiFi RGB controller, which can be controlled by your smart phone or tablet via WiFi or 4G network. This means you can sync lighting with music, use voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and control your lighting using 4G smart phone at any time and anywhere.

    We also offer the multi zone RGB remote controller kit, which includes one remote control and one controller receiver.

    For more choices, please see RGB LED controller series.


      Model:  rgb-remote-8zone  
      Type:  RF, Wireless  
      Input Voltage:  3V (AAA battery x2, not included)  
      Light Color:  RGB  
      Multi Zone:  8 Zone  
      Dimension:  153x47x19mm (6 x 1.85 x 0.75in)  
      Control Range:  30m (100ft)  
      Rating:  CE, RoHS  
      Warranty:  1 Year