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LED Strip Light Channel, Aluminum Extrusion Profile, U Shape 1.17M (3.83FT), 4W07
  • LED Strip Light Channel, Aluminum Extrusion Profile, U Shape 1.17M (3.83FT), 4W07
  • LED Strip Light Channel, Aluminum Extrusion Profile, U Shape 1.17M (3.83FT), 4W07
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LED Strip Light Channel, Aluminum Extrusion Profile, U Shape 1.17M (3.83FT), 4W07
Model: 4W07
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    Recessed LED Aluminum Channel for LED Strip Lighting - U Shape with Wings 1.17M (3.83FT) - 4W07

    This recessed LED aluminum channel is a shallow U shape profile, with cover as LED diffuser. This extrusion channel is designed to have wings, also called lips or flange, that can overlap unpleasing groove edges or gaps when recessed mounting. The shallow channel is suitable for LED strip lights with medium to higher density of LEDs, like 120 LEDs or 160 LEDs per meter. Because the light distribution is better for shallow channels with higher density LEDs. For light strips with low density LEDs, choose a deeper aluminum channel can get better light distribution. This aluminum channel is made from high quality silver anodized aluminum, designed to work as a heat sink that helps manage heat dissipation of flexible or rigid LED strips, and make longer the lifetime of the strips.

    The aluminum channel also provides a rigid housing for the LED strips, protecting from water, dust, UV radiation, weather conditions, and other unwanted damaging elements. The aluminum channel with diffuser establishes an amazing beautiful look and help avoid glare. The cover is made of quality polycarbonate material, designed in a slight arch contour. The arch contour not only makes the cover stronger, but also widens the beam angle, providing better light distribution.

    The extrusion channel comes as a complete kit, including a cover(diffuser lens), two end-caps and two mounting brackets.

    This aluminum channel is typically recessed or flush mounted, using 3M double-sided tape or mounting brackets. Mounting brackets can work as connectors to install two aluminum channels next to each other.

    Product Features

    • Made of high quality anodized aluminum with thick layer of aluminum oxide.
    • Works for LED light strip that is up to 12mm width.
    • 3.83 FT long, with frosted cover.
    • Includes 2 end-caps, 2 mounting brackets.

    If you need clear cover, it can be separately purchased here: clear cover 4W07. If you need more accessories, see here: end-cap W07, mounting bracket W07.

    For similar LED profile without wings, see model 4S07 and model 4S12.

    For deeper profile, see model 4W15.

    For your choices, here has various series of top quality LED strip lights.


      Model:  4W07  
      Type:  Anodized aluminum  
      Color:  Silver  
      Diffuser Cover:  Frosted  
      Length:  1.17M (3.83FT)  
      Width:  25mm (0.98in)  
      Highth:  7mm (0.28in)  
      LED strip width:  up to 12mm (0.47")  
      Accessories:  2 End-caps, 2 Mounting Brackets