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4 Pin RGB LED Strip Connector Hippo- Strip to Wire
  • 4 Pin RGB LED Strip Connector Hippo- Strip to Wire
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4 Pin RGB LED Strip Connector Hippo- Strip to Wire
Model: strip-to-wire-4p-hippo
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    4 Pin RGB LED Connector - Strip to Wire Connector - Hippo

    This RGB LED connector is a solderless connector that connects RGB LED strip to 4 pin wire (4 conductor wire). Without the need of soldering, it makes a perfect strip to wire connection. It is often used to connect RGB LED strip to controller. Also, using two of these RGB strip to wire connectors can make a strip to strip jumper with desired length of 4 pin wire in between. This 4 conductor LED connector is suitable for installing 10 mm wide RGB LED strip, with the LED density of maximum 120 LEDs per meter.

    This strip to wire solderless connector is easy to use. Just cut the RGB LED strip along the cutting line, open the connector cap, slide the RGB LED strip into the proper position, and clip down the cap. The inner copper blades in the connector pierce through the copper solder pads on the LED strips, making permanent connection.

    On the other end, put 4 pin wire between the angled copper blades and the connector cap, clip down the cap. The inner copper blades pierce through wire jacket, but not cut the actual wire inside the jacket, to make permanent connection with 4 pin wires. It is that easy that you have made a perfect strip to wire connection.

    TIPS: It is noted that some wires have thicker jackets than others. When the inner blades can't cut through the thick wire jacket, there is a fake connection where the inner copper blades have no contact with the actual wire. In this case, we need use a utility knife or wire stripper to help cut through the jacket, but not to remove the jacket from the wire.

    4 Pin LED wires are sold separately.

    Product Features

    • 4 pin (4 conductors) strip to wire LED connector.
    • For RGB LED strip lights that are 10 mm wide.
    • For LED strip with LED density of maximum 120 LEDs per meter.
    • Fit 18 AWG - 22 AWG 5 Pin wires. Wires not included.
    • 5 Amps max, suitable for high output LED strips.
    • 12V, 24V, 36V DC.
    • Create tight, secure, permanent connection.
    • Flame retardant material.

    For more choices of indoor or waterproof LED strip connectors, please see the LED strip connector category.

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      Model:  strip-to-wire-4p-hippo  
      Finish:  Clear top, black base  
      Number of Conductors:  4  
      LED strip:  RGB, 10mm wide  
      Amperage:  5 Amps Max  
      Voltage:  5V-36V DC  
      Connector Size:  24.3x14.6x7.7 mm (0.96x0.57x0.3 in)  
      Rating:  CE, RoHS  
      Material:  Flame retardant PC and copper  
      For use:  18 - 22 AWG wire  


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