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RGBW LED Strip Light

What is an RGBW LED strip?

RGBW LED strip is the LED light strip that is able to produce the best combination of any colored light and pure white light on the single strip of lights. Our 5050 RGBW LED strips, made with premium 5050 big chip LEDs, are the best RGBW LED strips on the market. They are designed as 24V RGBW LED strips for less current pressure and minimum voltage drop along the circuit. According to the white light added, RGB warm white LED strip and RGB cool white LED strip are the most popular ones. Besides indoor version, we offer various waterproof RGBW LED strips for patio, dock, and other outdoor projects.

Based on how the white light is added, there are two kinds of RGBW LED strips. One is made with 5050 RGBW 4-in-1 LED nodes, each of which contains red, green, blue and white LED chips. The other type of RGBW LED strip is made with RGB and white nodes that are alternatively placed on the light strip.

Optionally, choose LED strip channels for better light diffusion and aesthetic looking. The LED channels also provide better heat dissipation and protect the LED strips from dust, UV, accidental water splashes and impact etc.

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5-Year Warranty
We know that your projects need high quality LED strip lights, which are what we are good at. We have been dedicated to developing and making quality LED strips for over ten years. Many types are available to serve the needs of contractors and end users. Our LED strip lights are UL listed and come with a 5-year warranty.

What can 5050 RGBW LED strip lights do?

On the one hand, when using colorful light, RGBW LED strips are good for setting up atmosphere, They can be set at single static color or dynamic color changing mode. On the other hand, when using white light, they are good for general lighting or even major lighting. RGBW LED Strips are widely used for LED light strips for room, LED ceiling strip lights, under cabinet lighting, under counter lighting and more.

RGBW LED strips are built with the 5050 RGBW 4-in-1 LED nodes combining colorful light and pure white light such as 2700K or 3000K warm white, and 6500K daylight bright light (also called cool white light). They are great for ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. RGBW LED strips are very popular for various indoor and outdoor lighting projects, for residential use like house and rooms, for commercial use like hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos, theaters, shopping malls, etc.

Best RGBW LED Strips - We Build High Quality RGBW Light Strips

How to make the best RGBW LED strips? The answer is that high quality RGBW LED strips are made with printed circuit board of high copper content, and with LED nodes of big size LED chips. Best RGBW LED strips also require optimized design of current flow, and advanced technology that maximizes the light-emitting surface of the LED nodes.

RGBW LED Strip Features

1. RGBW LED strip light is a light strip composed of RGB + white light, where the white is pure white with different color temperature options. RGB + Warm White LED strip has the choice of RGB + 2700K or 3000K. RGB + Daylight or Cool White is RGB + 6500K.

2. Can RGB LED light strips emit white light? The answer is yes. However, the white light emitted by the RGB LED strips is the light of a mixture of red, green and blue. Such white light tends to be reddish or bluish. This mixed white light is uncomfortable to human eyes, and it is very different from pure white light when illuminating objects.

3. RGBW LED strips using 4-in-1 LED nodes are able to perfectly blend white into colored light, producing bolder, brighter and more vibrant light of different colors, offering much more color choices.

Various Types of RGBW LED Strip Lights

Regular RGBW LED strip light

This RGBW LED strip uses 60 pieces 4-in-1 RGBW LED nodes per meter, which is a basic model. If this RGBW LED strip is to achieve dotless effect, it needs to be matched with a high aluminum profile. The height of the aluminum profile must not be less than 20 mm (0.79 inches), such as models 2120S-2M, 2326S-2M, 2326R-2M, etc.

High density RGBW LED Strip

The high-density RGBW LED strip is built with an LED density of 84 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs per meter. It is developed to make the RGBW LED strip compatible with more aluminum profiles. This model is brighter than the 60 LEDs/m model.

The high density of the LED nodes allows it to better match with lower aluminum profiles, reducing light spots and making the light effect more perfect. If using this mode RGBW LED strip to achieve no spot effect, the height of the aluminum profile must not be lower than 14.5mm, such as models 1715-2M, 1525-2M, etc.

Waterproof RGBW LED Strips

Waterproof RGBW LED strips have several advantages. First it can be used for outdoor applications or wet areas like bathroom or spa area. Second, it can be used for dusty area and other harsh environment, because the waterproof material protects LED strip from dust, article and other harmful elements. Third, it is suitable for toe-kick lighting and other areas that are close to floor. The outer waterproof housing can provide protection from scratches and light impact from house cleaning and other activities.