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WiFi Tunable White LED Controller for LED Strip Lights, Multi Zone
  • WiFi Tunable White LED Controller for LED Strip Lights, Multi Zone
  • WiFi Tunable White LED Controller for LED Strip Lights, Multi Zone
  • WiFi Tunable White LED Controller for LED Strip Lights, Multi Zone
  • WiFi Tunable White LED Controller for LED Strip Lights, Multi Zone
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WiFi Tunable White LED Controller for LED Strip Lights, Multi Zone
Model: wifi-tw-kit
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    WiFi Tunable White LED Controller, Multi Zone

    This WiFi Tunable White LED Controller offers easy selection and adjust of color temperature for tunable white LED strip lights, for warm white, neutral white, to daylight cool white. The tunable white controller is also called CCT dimmer that can tune the color temperature changeable light strips to any white color from 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, all the way to 6500K daylight. It also offers sleek dimming function, adjusting lights to the brightness level you wish. Not just this, WiFi controller has many more advanced and smart features of lighting control.

    WiFi tunable white LED controller is easy to be integrated with Google Assistant, Google Home, Alexa, and other intelligent lighting control system. Via WiFi or 4G network, you can choose desired color temperature and dim the light to the desired brightness by just a voice control or a touch on your smartphone.

    With the controller App, WiFi tunable white controllers have many more functions than RF dimmers. With the timer function, the controller can turn on and off the lights at the time you wish, according to your lifestyle.

    Use the 4G network smartphone to turn on the light on your way home, turn off the lights that were forgotten when your left. The WiFi controller provides two-way data communication, which allows you to know the light status at any time.

    With WiFi controllers, setting up or making changes in multi zone lighting is much easier than with RF controllers. With RF dimmers, if you want to set up multi zone lighting, you need to perform a series of pairing processes to match the remote control with multiple controllers.

    WiFi wireless controllers can be installed close to the lights. It reduces wiring work and simplifies your LED strip light installation, saving labor and time.

    This WiFi controller is a 5-in-1 control device, not only suitable for tunable white LED strip lights, but also for single color lights, such as Warm White, Cool White, Red, Blue LED strips, RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT light strips. All of these different types of LED strips can be easily controlled via the controller software on your smartphone.

    This kit is ready for installation, items included:

    • A Wireless tunable white LED Controller (5-in-1 Receiver), 6 Amps/CH, 15Amps total max output.
    • A 2.4G Gateway WiFi Transmitter.

    Product Features

    • Fine tune color temperature from warm white continuously to daylight cool white. Enjoy the exact color temperature you like.
    • Place the WiFi transmitter within 100 ft (30 meters) from the controller.
    • Use smartphone or tablet to control lights via WiFi or 4G network any time and anywhere.
    • The controller App for smartphone or tablet is free download, and easy to install on Apple iOS or Android system.
    • Wireless control signal goes through walls, no line of sight needed.
    • WiFi Transmitter Input: DC5V/500mA (Micro USB). USB power cable is included.
    • Controller Input Voltage: 12 or 24 DC.
    • Controller Output Voltage: 12 or 24 DC.
    • Controller Output Amp: 6A per channel, total 15A max.
    • Controller Output Power (Watts): 180W or 360W

    If you are setting up multi zone LED strip lights, you need to buy multiple 5-in-1 Controller Receivers.

    For more choices, please see Tunable white LED controller series.


      Model:  wifi-dim-kit  
      Type:  WiFi, RF Wireless  
      Input Voltage:  12V or 24V DC  
      Light Color:  White, or Single Colored  
      Output Channels:  5 CH  
      Max Amps:  6A/CH, total 15A max.  
      Output Voltage:  12V or 24V DC  
      Output Wattage:  180W or 360W  
      Dimensions:  124x37x23mm (4.9 x 1.45 x 0.9in)  
      WiFi Gateway Volt:  5VDC (MicroUSB power cable included)  
      WiFi Gateway Size:  90x66x15mm (3.54 x 2.6 x 0.59in)  
      Rating:  CE, RoHS  
      Waterproof:  IP20  
      Warranty:  1 Year