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Wireless RGBW LED Strip controller Pro 4-in-1 Receiver
  • Wireless RGBW LED Strip controller Pro 4-in-1 Receiver
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Wireless RGBW LED Strip controller Pro 4-in-1 Receiver
Model: rgbw-receiver-pro
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    Wireless RGBW LED Controller Pro 4-in-1 receiver, UL Listed.

    This RGBW LED Controller is a professional grade RF wireless receiver that allows you to adjust colors the way you want them to be. It creates atmosphere suitable for relax or work whenever you want to. It offers high capacity with 8A max output per channel, working with RF remote control and offering optimal color management for RGBW color changing LED strip lights. Via PWM control method, it accurately regulates each channel of lighting, producing perfect colored lighting, color changing, or color mixing. Blending white with RGB colors to generate richer and more vivid color light. This wireless receiver also can be used for white, tunable white, and RGB LED strip lights, so it is called 4 in 1 Receiver.

    This Pro 4-in-1 RGBW Receiver works with our RGBW LED Controller Pro Series below. One wireless controller can control an unlimited number of receivers within the control range. One receiver can be controlled by 8 remote controls at most.

    The Pro wireless RGBW receiver is WiFi compatible. Adding a WiFi gateway transmitter, this receiver can work as a WiFi dimmer, which can be controlled by your smart phone or tablet via WiFi connection or 4G network, using an application software installed with Apple IOS or Android mobile system. WiFi RGBW controller can be connected with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, integrated into smart home lighting system. And you can enjoy controlling your lights any time and anywhere.

    back illustration pro 4 in 1 receiver

    By pairing multiple of these RGBW LED controller receivers with the remote control, you can greatly reduce wiring work and simplify your LED strip light installation, saving labor and time.

    The Pro RGBW controller receiver has an advanced feature: Master/Slave jumper. In a group of multiple receivers, by setting only 1 receiver as Master, the other receivers as Salve, you can get the best sync of RGBW running effects. After setting the Master, the Master receiver need to power off and on once to make the Master function take effect.

    Product Features

    • 12V, 24V DC input and output.
    • UL Listed.
    • Professional grade. Optimal channel regulation and color management functionality.
    • One RGBW controllers can control an unlimited number of these receivers within 30 meters (100 feet) control radius in a benign electromagnetic environment.
    • RF wireless control, signal goes through walls.
    • WiFi compatible. Add a WiFi-RF gateway converter, this receiver can become a WiFi RGBW controller.
    • Four channels, 8A max output per channel.
    • High capacity, 384W at 12V, 768W at 24V.
    • Dimension: 168x58x28mm (6.61 x 2.28 x 1.10in)

    Note: This Pro 4-in-1 wireless RGBW Receiver REQUIRES at least one of the compatible Pro RGBW controllers listed above. Or for convenience, select our Pro RGBW LED Controller Kits (Models: rgbw-pro-4zone-kit, or pro-rgbw-wall-3zone-kit).

    For more RGBW LED controller choices, please see RGBW LED Controller series.


      Model:  rgbw-receiver-pro  
      Type:  RF Wireless, WiFi Compatible  
      Input Voltage:  12V or 24V DC  
      Light Color:  RGBW  
      Output Channels:  4 CH  
      Max Amps:  8A/CH  
      Output Voltage:  12V or 24V DC  
      Output Wattage:  384W or 768W  
      Control Range:  100ft(30 meters) from remote control  
      Dimensions:  168x58x28mm (6.61 x 2.28 x 1.10in)  
      Waterproof:  IP20  
      Rating:  UL, CE, RoHS  
      Warranty:  2 Years