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6 Pin LED Strip Connectors for RGB CCT Tunable White LED Strips

The professional 6 pin LED strip connectors offer the best connection for installing RGB CCT tunable white LED strips. These clicktight LED strip connectors are solderless, the perfect replacement for soldering connection. Our 6 pin LED connectors are the best on the market, offering optimized contact and holding design, mechanic durability, and electricity flow capacity. These important factors ensure tight connection and the best performance of RGB CCT LED strip lights.

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High quality LED strip connectors will not only make your installation much easier, but also allow you to enjoy uninterrupted and long lifetime LED strip lighting. Our professional 6 pin LED strip connectors offer easy and fast connection. They are designed for RGB CCT LED strips 12 mm wide, with 6 pin contacts.

These solderless LED connectors help you make fast and professional installation of LED light strips like never before. They provide perfect connection for strip to strip, strip to controller, strip to power supply, strip to wire, and many more connections.

Our 6 pin LED connectors enable tight connection and promote the best performance of your LED strip lights. Designed with large contact points and made with durable material, our quality LED strip connectors hold the strip and other components tight and maintain mechanic durability forever. The tight and large contacts ensure steady connection and sufficient contact area for electricity to flow easily, essential for the best performance of your LED strips.

Choose our high quality 6 pin LED connectors and enjoy your color-changing RGB CCT LED strip lighting!