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Red LED Strip Lights

Here you will find what needs to know before buying the red LED strip lights, one of the colored LED light strips. We offer the best vivid and vibrant red LED strip lights, with 12V, 24V and waterproof version available, for commercial and residential lighting applications. These super bright red LED strips use 5050 red LEDs with the wavelength at 640nm, 650nm, or 660nm, which is designed for high brightness and efficacy. 5-Year Warranty. UL Listed.

Colored LED light strips series:

High luminous efficacy, high brightness, low wattage

These red LED strip lights are built with the high performance Epistar LEDs, which produce high luminous efficacy and brightness by utilizing the advanced direct energy bandgap materials in LED package. The first red LED was developed in 1962 by Nick Holonyak Jr., a GE employee. At first, red LED’s brightness and luminous efficacy were low. As the scientific research in materials advanced, direct energy bandgap materials were found and used, which greatly improved the luminous efficacy and the brightness of red LEDs.

The high efficacy and highly bright Epistar red LEDs used ensure emission of vivid and saturated red lights. They make it possible for the LED strips to produce bright but gentle red lights that are more comfortable to human eyes.

The selected Red LEDs emit light at 640nm - 670nm wavelength, which is the scientifically verified wavelength to achieve high lumen efficiency for red LEDs. These factors result in the great advantage of the low energy consumption of our red LED strip lights.

High consistency of colors

The selected Red LEDs emit light at 640nm, 650nm, or 660nm wavelength, which is the scientifically verified wavelength to achieve high lumen efficiency for red LEDs. These factors result in the great advantage of the low energy consumption of our red LED strip lights.

Best heat management and long lifetime

The energy-efficient LEDs and high copper content FPC board ensure the best heat management and dissipation for the strip lights. Our red strip lights operate at low temperature for extended hours. These factors are the guaranty of an easy 50,000 hours lifespan of our LED strip lights.

12V red LED strip lights

Red LED strip lights have 12V or 24V version. Except using different voltage power supplies, 12V and 24V red LED strips are also different in installation. For example, 12V red strips are widely used for cars, RVs, yachts etc. Because these vehicles mostly have 12V power system. 24V red strips are better for longer run installation than 12V version because it draws smaller current and has less voltage drop.

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Outdoor waterproof Red LED strip lights

The waterproof red LED light strips use silicone wrap around tubing to achieve IP65, or IP67 waterproof level. They are perfect for outdoor or wet areas, such as patio, garden, and decks. The waterproof material is different from other brand LED strips. Our waterproof tubes use the new material silicone, which is healthy for human. It poses no harm even with direct contact by children. It also works in much wider temperature range, good for both very cold and very hot weather places. For more information, please see the waterproof LED strip series.

In summary, we produce the highest quality red LED strips on the market. All our LED strips have passed UL certification. They are built by using high lumen efficiency red LEDs, top-level thermal management copper PCBs, and other high quality components. Our LED strips are built with high performance, consistent and accurate color, high energy efficiency, and best durability. Customers are very satisfied because the use process is a continuous enjoyment process.

What can red LED strip lights do?

Red LED strip lights are great for bars, restaurants, clubs, theaters, hotels, entertainment rooms, store fronts, PC and TV bias lighting. They are also widely used for Christmas, holidays, party, and festivals.

  • Red LED light bar is very suitable for bars, hotels, restaurants, KTV, night clubs, casinos, theaters, etc.
  • Home applications for entertainment room, PC and TV bias lighting.
  • They are also widely used for Christmas, party, and holiday decoration; event venue decoration, exhibition decoration, showcases, shop windows, store fronts and other decorative lighting.
  • Backlight or halo light for signs.

Use the red LED strip lights together with our high quality aluminum channel profiles to better heat management, or to create different aesthetic lighting design and effects..

The quality of Epistar LED chips

Epistar was founded in 1996, and now is the largest LED manufacturer in the world. Epistar successfully promoted the commercialization of LED technology applications, leading the world towards the era of solid-state lighting.

The brand name Epistar LED chips have sufficient brightness, long life, stable performance, and uniform light emitting. Epistar red LEDs are the best red LEDs that produce the bright, rich, and saturated red. All the LED strip lights we manufacture are built with Epistar LEDs.

What is the difference among Epistar, LED chip and LED package?

As said above, Epistar is an LED manufacturer, a very big one. LED chips are the component that emit light in the LED package. The LED chip is packaged with resin, and two electrodes are led out with gold wire and pins (usually copper), that is, the positive and negative electrodes. The package can be lit by applying a voltage. For LED strip lights, LED package refers to the LEDs populated on the strip.

5-Year Warranty
We know that your projects need high quality LED strip lights, which are what we are good at. We have been dedicated to developing and making quality LED strips for over ten years. Many types are available to serve the needs of contractors and end users. Our LED strip lights are UL listed and come with a 5-year warranty.