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WiFi Controller

WiFi LED Controller

As WiFi LED controller is so powerful, it has been widely used to control LED strip lights in a wide range of lighting applications including smart home lighting system like Alexa or Google Assistant. Below we introduce the LED strip WiFi Controller mainly by exploring the WiFi RGB LED controller in depth. This article will help you know more about the WiFi controller and choose the right one for you project.

WiFi LED Controller is the smart wireless controller developed by integrating the advanced WiFi technology with the traditional wireless LED controller. The integration of WiFi technology enables WiFi controller to be more intelligent, convenient and advanced than other controllers in regard to controlling strip lights. Users can edit and control the lighting change effects of LED lights via an LED controller app installed on smart phone or tablet equipped with Android and iOS system.

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WiFi RGB LED controller

WiFi RGB LED controller is so far the most advanced controller, which integrates RGB management, CCT adjusting, and dimming function. Users operate through the application software to achieve the controlling effects they wished. Our WiFi RGB LED controllers are suitable for all kinds of low voltage LED lights, such as RGB LED strip lights and LED modules.

WiFi LED controllers can easily group receiver controller to different zones, which is called multi-zone control. They all can work together with LED amplifiers to driver more RGB LED light strips. Actually some models WiFi controller can work similar to an LED amplifier because they can transmit signals to each other.

WiFi RGB LED controller features

WiFi RGB LED controller is the best WiFi LED controller that manages the color changing RGB strip lihgts. It has the following major features.

1. Support Apple or Android mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets to control the RGB lighting via WiFi signal. Some models are also compatible with wireless RF touch remote control for more flexible and efficient control, making your life more convenient.

2. Compatible with intelligent home systems such as Amazon Alexa or Amazon Echo, Google Assistant or Google Home, and Apple HomeKit, the Wifi RGB controller makes it easy to set up a smart WiFi led strip that fits perfectly into the intelligent lighting control system.

For example, the Wifi RGB controller is combined with Alexa via software to work as an Alexa LED strip controller for intelligent management of lighting. The WiFi LED light strip is a very smart LED light strip. For example, you can tell Alexa LED light strip: Alexa, open seven-color fading mode. With this voice command, your RGB light strip will automatically change to the set seven-color fading mode!

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compatible with Amazon Echo

A Wifi controller's app interface, through this Amazon Echo interface, you can set up Alexa voice control settings.

compatible with Amazon Alexa

The above picture shows the third-party service interface of the controller app Magic Home. It has step by step instructions on how to connect WiFi controller via Magic Home to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Home, etc.

3. Programmable RGB LED controller. It has advanced programming functions. You can manage the LED light strip by DIY your own lighting changing modes. The programming functions vary depending on the software.

In general, because the programming is done by software, it is easy to operate, actually much easier to program than RF programmable controllers. You can enjoy color selection, color change, speed adjusting, and various exciting combinations, rather than the monotonous simple synchronization.

4. Intelligent remote control. Turn on the lights on the way home, so that when you get home, you don't have to face the dark room, looking for the switch in darkness, but greet yourself with comfortable warm white strip lighting!

Do you remember the times when you were on the road or in the office, you suddenly realized that you didn't turn off your home lights? Previously you might have to go back home to turn them off, or just let them on because you were almost late for office meeting. Now? Don't worry at all, pick up your phone and turn them off!

5. Synchronize lighting with music. Many WiFi RGB controllers can synchronize RGB strip lighting and music. Since many users store music on mobile phones, it is convenient to play music on mobile phones.

At the same time, the application software of WiFi controller is also on the mobile phone. So, the WiFi RGB controller can easily realize the synchronization with the light changes when playing music, creating the multidimensional atmosphere of music and light.

6. Standard compatible voltage. Its standard input voltage is 12-24VDC and the output is 12-24V DC, which can drive 12V LED strips or 24V strips.

7. Timing function. Automatically turn on and turn off the strip lights according to your lifestyle and the schedule that is set up.

8. Power-off memory storage function. Each time the power is turned on, the lighting mode will be the same as that at the last turn-off, and there is no need to reset it. The memory function works for power failure as well.

9. Multi-zone control. Easy group control, multi-zone lighting collaborative management, or separate control for each zone.

Difference between WiFi LED controller and Bluetooth LED controller

WiFi and Bluetooth are the two important methods of wireless communication that are often used in our everyday lives. The following differences between the two methods are the major features that differentiate WiFi controller and Bluetooth LED controller.

1. Network. Via WiFi communication, two devices such as mobile phone and WiFi LED controller need to join a common network, Internet or Ethernet (LAN). Bluetooth communication does not require a network. Bluetooth enables two devices to communicate directly, and the two devices can also set up their own networks.

2. Remote control. The WiFi controller can be connected to the Internet for true remote control of the light strip. For example, you can control your home light strip when you are in the office. Bluetooth does not connect to the Internet, so there is no such feature.

3. Control distance. Bluetooth was created for short-distance data exchange of personal devices such as cell phone and Bluetooth controller, at a distance of 30 ft. While WiFi signal has a coverage range of 300 ft, which is much larger than Bluetooth.

There are many types of WiFi controllers, and each application is different. Here we take one of them as an example to illustrate the use of the software.

Magic Home WiFi LED controller

Magic Home mini WiFi LED controller software is used as an example, providing you a better understanding of how to use the LED strip WiFi controller to control the Magic Home LED strip. This WiFi controller is also equipped with IR remote, which makes it more convenient to use.

1. WiFi controller is very easy to make selection from thousands of colors, to be more accurate, 16 million colors. And you can DIY your favorite color shortcut, store it, and retrieve it at any time.

Magic Home WiFi LED controller

2. There are many color-changing modes for easy recall. Generally stored modes are fading, jump, strobe, flash, and others. At the same time it is programmable, providing customers with custom color selection, change settings and more. For example, choose your favorite color, adjust the order of change, change speed and so on. The custom mode can be stored for recall.

DIY color changing mode

3. Music LED controller. Music LED controller is the controller that selects and plays music, chooses the music style, and synchronizes music with strip lighting changes. As the music plays, the controller can regulate the LED strip lights to change with the music beats in colors, brightness, and color-changing modes like strobe, fade, jump, flash, and more.

WiFi controller easily becomes a WiFi music controller with just a finger touch, creating a wonderful music lighting atmosphere. There are rock, Jazz, classical and other style choices. With another simple touch, you can easily change to different styles of music and quickly adapt to the scene at the time.

Both Wifi controller and Bluetooth controller have the function of a music LED controller. It is a function that can be easily realized through the controller apps.

WiFi music controller

4. LED music controller with audio input. With the sound to light function, the WiFi controller can be changed to a simple LED music controller with audio input under just a touch. Through the connection with the microphone, the sound captured is converted into a WPM light-changing signal, so that the sound and the light are coordinated.

It is ideal for lighting control for family gatherings and event scenes. For example, when everyone is singing a happy birthday song at a birthday party, the lighting will change with the singing sound, creating a joyful atmosphere of the party.

LED music controller with audio input

5. Timing control of the lights. Set what time to turn on or off the strip lights according to your lifestyle and needs. At the same time, the lighting scene can be pre set and customized, and the scene customization has the choice of color selection or selection of a predetermined changing mode.

RGB controller timer setting

6. Multi-zone LED WiFi controller. WiFi controller is a perfect multi-zone controller, as it can easily group a different number of strip lights for synchronous control or independent control. It is also easy to change the group members and store it for quick and easy recall. This grouping is different from the grouping of RF controllers.

The RF grouping is implemented by using the remote to pair with the receivers. This pairing needs to be physically operated, grouping step by step according to the operation manual. Although it is not difficult, it takes some time to finish the grouping. If you need to change members in the group, you also need to re-pair the controllers.

In contrast, WiFi grouping is done in software. It is a soft coding pairing or grouping, and no physical pairing is required. Therefore, it is more flexible and convenient to create new group or change group members.

WiFi controller multi-zone setting

WiFi landscape lighting controller

Waterproof WiFi controllers has become the best WiFi landscape lighting controller. Due to the development of waterproof technology for LED light strips, waterproof light strips are increasingly being used for landscape lighting. WiFi RGB controller is increasingly used for landscape lighting control due to its remote control capabilities, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness.

WiFi LED controller is the trend of LED controller

Due to the precise control and convenient programming and storage function, WiFi LED controller has become more and more popular with LED users all over the world. More importantly, it is able to perfectly integrate with intelligent control systems. So, WiFi LED controller is the trend for LED controllers. It can be used as a smart LED strip controller, WiFi landscape lighting controller, WiFi Christmas light controller, and many more.

WiFi LED controller not only has the trend of intelligent control, but also has the trend of multi-functional integration, such as the 5 in 1 WiFi LED Controller that we are going to explain more in details.

The 5-in-1 WiFi LED controller is powerful. It is perfectly compatible with intelligent lighting control Amazon Alexa. It not only accepts mobile phone WiFi control, but also is compatible with RF remote control.

This 5-in 1 WiFi LED controller is super versatile and can drive five types of LED strip lights: monochrome (including warm white, cool white, single colored red, green, blue, UV black), tunable white, RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT. The WiFi controller is compatible with Apple or Android mobile device.

WiFi Controller for Single Color LED Strip like red, green and blue, warm white and cool white LED strips.

single color strip WiFi controller

WiFi LED Controller for Tunable White Light Strip

CCT LED strip WiFi controller

WiFi LED Controller for RGB LED strip Lights

RGB LED strip WiFi controller

WiFi LED Controller for RGBW LED strips

RGBW LED strip WiFi controller

WiFi Controller for RGB + CCT Strip

RGBCCT LED strip WiFi controller

As is seen from above, the WiFi LED controller is integrated with multiple functions, suitable for various strip lighting applications. It is the trend of LED controllers.

With the ability to control multi zones, and to be easily integrated into smart home control system, WiFi controllers have been used more and more for LED strip lighting projects.

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