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Amber 2400K

Amber LED Light Strips - Amber Lighting

Amber LED strip lights produce very warm light, 2400K in color temperature. Amber lighting looks relaxing, cozy and inviting, popular for ambient lighting, mood lighting, or accent lighting for residential and commercial applications. Amber LED lights have also been used for the advantage that it can be seen from far away in the rain or foggy weather. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting, such as home rooms, hallway, outdoor walkway, landscape lighting and more. It is warmer than 2700K warm white or 3000K soft white.

How noticeable is the difference for 2400K, 2700K and 3000K?

While the difference is not huge, it is certainly noticeable when you put 2400K, 2700K and 3000K LED strip lights next to each other. 2400K is the warmest, 2700K is in the middle, and 3000K is the least warm among the three.

amber vs warm white
Noticeable difference in 2400K(amber), 2700K and 3000K LED strip lighting for stairs