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Outdoor Waterproof LED Strips

Outdoor Waterproof LED Strip Lights

We provide a full range of IP65 outdoor waterproof LED strip lights, including 12V, 24V, RGB, RGBW color changing, white, red, green and blue. They are for exterior led strip lighting and indoor applications, for weatherproof or dustproof purposes. These weatherproof LED strip lights have been widely used for houses, yard, patio, bathroom, deck, and landscaping. They are the best outdoor LED strip lights using high quality silicone as waterproof material. Silicone is a healthy material with irreplaceable advantages. It also can be used indoor. 5-Year Warranty. UL Listed.

Outdoor White

Outdoor White

Orange, amber, warm white, neutral white and cool white. Resistant to rian and water splashes. 

Outdoor Color Changing

Outdoor Color Changing

Color changing RGB, RGBW, and RGBCCT Tunable White. Withstand weather elements.

Outdoor White LED Strip Lights

Outdoor RGB & RGBW Color Changing Strip Lights

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What can waterproof LED strip lights do?

bathroom LED strip lighting
Waterproof LED strip lights installed for bathroom

Waterproof LED strip lights are widely used due to their different waterproof grades, dust-proof and anti-corrosion properties. Below are some common applications.

  • Chemical plants, gas stations, seaside stores, residential homes, and other places close to shore.
  • Cars, RVs, limos, boats, yachts, ships.
  • Water splash areas in the kitchen, bathrooms, saunas, salons, restaurants, bars, etc.
  • Store doors and windows.
  • Garden, deck, patio, landscape lighting.
  • Dust areas, such as ceilings, above cabinets, factories and workshops.

12V vs 24V Waterproof LED Strip Lights

For places where the 24V version can be used, basically 12V waterproof LED strip light can also be used. But the reverse is different. In some places, only 12V strips version can be used, such as on cars, RVs, and boats, because the power supply system is 12V.

Compared with 12V strip light, 24V version is better for longer run installation, because its voltage drop is smaller than 12V strip. In addition, 24V version draws less current than 12V, which makes the 24V version better for large-scale installation.

By the way, where indoor versions can be used, waterproof LED strips can generally also be used, and provide protection from dust, particles, incident impact, and other harmful factors.

5-Year Warranty
We know that your projects need high quality LED strip lights. We have been dedicated to developing and making quality light strips for over twelve years. They are UL listed and come with a 5-year warranty.