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High Output Outdoor IP65 2835 24V LED Strip, Soft White 3000K, 128/m, 5m Reel
  • High Output Outdoor IP65 2835 24V LED Strip, Soft White 3000K, 128/m, 5m Reel
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High Output Outdoor IP65 2835 24V LED Strip, Soft White 3000K, 128/m, 5m Reel
Model: wp24v-3000k-2835-128-5m
SKU: 12830W
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  • $109.00

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    * 5-Year Warranty. UL Listed.

    Hallway Ceiling Lights - Modern Ceiling LED Strip Lighting, IP65 Waterproof, Soft White 3000K

    The outdoor IP65 rated 3000K LED strip works great as hallway ceiling lights, a modern passage way lighting. It is actually popular for ceiling lighting of living room, bedroom, bathroom and commercial places. The waterproof layer can protect the LEDs from dust on the ceilings. The high quality waterproof material is not going to crack, nor will it become yellowish over years. This LED strip is made with high lumen efficacy LEDs. It is fully dimmable.

    This is a 16.4 ft (5 m) outdoor 3000K LED strip. We also offer 1.64 ft (0.5 m) sample. Please see High Output Outdoor 3000K LED Strip 128/m Sample Kit.

    Product features

    • Outdoor waterproof, IP65
    • Soft White 3000K light.
    • High Output. 1797 Lumens/meter.
    • Single-bin selection for accurate color consistency. Within 3-step SDCM.
    • 24V DC, fully dimmable.
    • Beam Angle 120°
    • 16.4 feet, 5 meters reel.
    • 128 LEDs/m (39 LEDs/ft)
    • LED Spacing: 0.31 in (7.8 mm)
    • Cutting Increment: 2.46 in (62.5 mm)
    • Power: 12.4 Watts/m = 3.78 Watts/ft
    • Strip width: 0.47 in (12 mm)
    • UL listed

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      Model:  wp24v-3000k-2835-128-5m  
      Input Voltage:  24Volt DC  
      Input Current:  2583mA  
      Color Temp:  3000K  
      CRI:  85+  
      Length:  5 m (16.4 ft) Reel  
      LED Density:  128 LEDs/m  
      Brightness  1797 lm/m = 548 lm/ft  
      Watts:  12.4 W/m = 3.78 W/ft  
      Efficacy:  145 Lumen/w  
      Beam Angle:  120°  
      IP Rating:  IP65, Outdoor waterproof  
      LED Type:  2835  
      Rating:  UL Listed, RoHS  
      Cut Increments:  Every 62.5 mm (2.46 in)  
      Strip Width:  12 mm (0.47 in)  
      LEDs Per Reel:  640 LED  
      Brightness Per Reel:  8985 lumens  
      Watts Per Reel:  62 watts  
      Dimmable:  Fully Dimmable  
      Lifespan:  50,000 Hours  
      Warranty:  5 Years