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Color Changing LED Strips

RGB Color Changing LED Strip Lights

Our color changing LED strip lights include RGB, RGBW, RGBCCT Tunable White and addressable light strips. 5050 RGBW and RGBCCT LED strips have the advantage of delivering pure white light, and we carry super bright version that are suitable for many more residential and commercial applications. We offer the widest range selections, from regular 60 LEDs/m up to the brightest high density 400 LEDs/m, indoor and outdoor waterproof color changing LED strip lights. They are the highest quality on the market. 5-Year Warranty. UL Listed. Color changing LED strip lights are often installed together with LED strip channel for better diffusion and thermal management.

RGB + CCT Tunable White 5-in-1

RGB + CCT Tunable White 5-in-1

Millions of clolors and CCT tunable white from 2400K to 6500K on one strip!

RGB + White 4-in-1

RGB + White 4-in-1

Enjoy vivid colored light and pure white from one strip.



Bright colorful light, red, green, blue, pink, purple, and millions more.

RGB + CCT Tunable White LED Strips

RGB + White Color Changing LED Strips

RGB LED Strips

Helpful Articles for Choosing Color Changing LED Strips

The advantages of our color changing LED light strips

Our color changing LED strips are born with high quality components, scientific circuit design, and advanced manufacturing process.

1. Use high-brightness LEDs. If preferable, the brightness can be easily adjusted to lower levels with the help of LED controllers.

2. LEDs are strictly selected with Bin technology to ensure the best color consistency and high luminous efficacy.

3. High copper content in the carrier flexible printed circuit board for better current flow and more effective heat dissipation during continuous operation.

4. Thanks to high-quality chips and the advanced design of the light strips, the lifetime of our strip lights can easily exceed 50,000 hours.

5. Come with genuine 3M double-sided tape, do not fall off once it sticks to the mounting surface.

What can color changing LED strip lights do?

color changing LED strip lighting for bars
RGBCCT color changing LED strip lighting for ceiling

The answer is simple, basically everything, i.e. they can produce any desired colors. Due to the flexibility of generating luminescent colors, RGB color changing LED strip lights are suitable both for residential and commercial applications in which adjustable luminous colors are required for different circumstances, and for lighting solutions in which a very specific luminous color is desired.

It is perfect for bars, casinos, stages, and parties, as color changing lighting is a basic choice for these places. At the same time, the RGB color changing LED strips can sync with music to create the dynamic and energetic atmosphere.

Color changing LED strip lights can also provide a static single color at your choice. This single color selection is realized through LED controller. For example the color changing LED strip light can stay at pink color or purple color. So you can choose one color for your store, restaurant, home theater, and bias lighting for TV and PC.

Other applications include decorative lighting for bedrooms, game rooms, cars and RVs, boats and yachts, event venues, storefront windows, and landscape lighting.

5-Year Warranty. We know that your projects need high quality LED strip lights. Our expertise and over 12-year experience make us good at making professional LED strips. They are UL listed and come with 5-year warranty.