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Tunable White Controller

Tunable white LED controller

Tunable white LED controller is a required part for tunable white LED strip to work. It is also known as CCT LED controller, adjustable white LED controller, or tunable white dimmer. It is placed between the LED power supply and the tunable white light strip to control the color temperature and brightness of the CCT LED strip lighting.

Tunable white lighting has become more and more popular. For more detailed information, please read:
Tunable White LED Light Strip
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How does tunable white LED controller work?

Tunable white LED strip is a dual-channel LED strip with warm white and cool white LEDs alternately or paralleled placed on the flexible printed circuits board. The tunable white LED controller can separately control the two sets of white light of different color temperatures, and adjust the brightness of the white light of each LED group through the PWM signal. Just as the RGB controller adjusts the relative strengths of the three channels of red, green and blue to produce different colors of light, the tunable white controller sets the desired color temperature by adjusting the relative brightness of the two white channels.

Tunable white LED controller can set tunable white LED strip to any color temperature between the warm white and the cool white. Therefore, CCT LED strips usually are marked with a color temperature range, such as from 2700K warm white to 6500K cool white. The two ends of this range reflect the color temperature of the two groups of white LEDs used to make the tunable white LED strip.

In addition to the adjustable white LED controller that is specially designed to control the tunable white light strip, RGB CCT controller can also be used to control the CCT LED strip as shown in below illustration. Tunable white controllers can also be integrated into an existing DALI or DMX system.

connect CCT LED strip to controller

Tunable white LED controller application

Due to the ability of the tunable white LED controller to adjust the color temperature, tunable white LED strip lighting can be used for many basic lighting applications. Use different color temperatures and related lighting characteristics to achieve desired effects in homes, office, retails, hotels, clubs, etc.

A tunable white LED strip for display lighting can be used to emphasize certain properties of the object being illuminated. For example, warm white light is used to present a warm and comfortable atmosphere for the viewer. Cool white light is associated to the lighting for products with high tech features.