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RGB + Tunable White Controllers

RGB CCT LED Controller for RGB CCT LED Strip

RGB CCT LED controllers (CCT means correlated color temperature) are the necessary parts for the RGB CCT tunable white LED strip lights, working as the color management center of the lighting system. With the RGB CCT LED controller, you can freely change brightness level, select static colors or color changing modes, adjust pure white to any color temperature that your RGB CCT LED strip allows, or blend white into colored lights for richer and more brilliant colors. Basically it offers millions of hues of lights. Multi zone controllers have the ability to control different zones independently or simultaneously.

The RGB CCT LED controller has five channels, Red, Green, Blue, Warm White, and Cool White, also known as 5-in-1 LED strip controller. It can be used not only for RGB CCT Tunable White LED strips, but also for RGBW LED strips, RGB LED strips, tunable white LED strips, and white LED strips.

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RGB CCT LED controller functions

1. Manage colors. Enjoy free selection of colorful lights. May it be static single colors, or dynamic color changing modes.s.

RGB CCT LED controller manages colors for RGB CCT LED strip

2. Tune pure white to any color temperatures that your RGB CCT LED strip allows. This pure white can have many many options, such as 1800K, 2700K or 3000K warm white, 4000K neutral white, 6500K cool white. The color temperature range depends on your RGB CCT LED strips.

RGB CCT LED controller freely adjusts white color temperature

3. Blend white into colored lights. Create bolder and more vibrant colors.

4. Adjust the brightness level of any light. Easily dim colored light or white light.

RGB CCT LED controller adjusts brightness for RGB CCT LED strip

RGB CCT WiFi controller

Add a WiFi transmitter, the controller turns into an RGB CCT WiFi controller. In addition to the functions above, RGB CCT WiFi controller has the functions of a WiFi controller. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, making it easy to be integrated into the smart home lighting control system, such as, to achieve voice control.

RGB CCT WiFi Controller for RGB CCT LED Strip

RGB CCT LED controller compared to RGBW controller

RGB CCT LED controller has more functions than RGBW controller. Difference is that RGB CCT LED controllers work for both RGB CCT tunable white LED strips and RGBW LED strips, but RGBW LED controllers only work for RGBW LED strips, not for RGB CCT tunable white LED strips. RGB CCT LED controllers and RGBW LED controllers have the same functions as to manage colored and white light options, and to blend white into colored lights for more vibrant and bolder colors.

RGB CCT LED controllers not only control the brightness level of white color light for RGB CCT LED strips, but also control two types of white LED nodes, warm white and cool white, just as the tunable white LED controller does. If the warm white light and cool white light of the RGB CCT LED strip are simultaneously lit to different tensity levels, the two white lights are mixed to produce white lights of various color temperatures.