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Surface Mounted LED Strip Channels

LED Light Strip Diffuser

LED light strip diffuser is the most popular accessory for professional installation of LED strip light. Surface mount is an easy and widely used method of its installation. It consists of an aluminum channel and a diffuser cover. The aluminum channel is used to mount the LED strip, and the diffuser cover works as a lens and delivers satisfying diffusion effect. Together they also protect LED strips inside.

LED light strip diffusers are available in various sizes. The LED channels can be 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, and wider. Wider channels can house two LED strips in parallel for brighter lighting. 2m long is a common size. They are easy to cut to adjust to desired length. Two pieces of aluminum channels can also be connected together by placing them next to each other.

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Advantages of surface mounted LED light strip diffuser

LED light strip diffuser is suitable for tight and small spaces. Among various installation methods, surface mounting is a very popular one. This installation method has many advantages. Surface mounting does not require much of installation work. The finish appearance is beautiful and stylish. Both professional lighting professionals and DIY users of light strips like the surface-mounted led light strip diffuser very much.

LED light strip diffuser
Surface mounted LED light strip diffuser for cabinets and celing

1. As the LED light strip diffuser can be very thin and flat, it is perfect for lighting in limited space. For example, the space is relatively limited under the cabinets, under the shelves and other places. Due to the flat and low profile form of the LED light strip and diffuser, it is very suitable for this kind of tight space.

Equipped with LED light strip diffuser, the strip lighting is not only beautiful in outlook finish, but also delivers excellent light diffusion, offering modern streamlined lighting. In addition, home mini bars, kitchen islands, stairs and other places are also very popular applications for LED light strip diffuser.

2. Surface-mounted LED light strip diffuser is easy to hide and leaves a concise and beautiful finish. It is commercially used for various merchandise display cabinet lighting, such as jewelry, watches, cosmetics and fashion. Compared with point-emitting lamps, LED strip lighting delivers large area lighting and uniform light emission for the area.

3. In architecture, LED light strip diffuser is often used for surface mounted lighting. The linear effect and perfect diffusion function are utilized to create beautiful linear lighting. It is very popular for various architectural lighting designs.

4. The surface mounted LED light strip diffuser is very easy to use, which greatly facilitates DIY users to install light strip lighting. It can be installed directly with mounting clips, screws, double-sided tape, glue, etc. In comparison, recessed or flush mount requires trenching to create a space or groove to lay in the aluminum channel, which is not as easy as surface mount.

5. Surface mounted LED light strip diffuser can be used to easily add lighting to existing structures, even the lighting was not taken into consideration during the construction period. The lighting addition can be easily achieved by surface installation without the need to modify the space. This is also an important factor for ordinary users in DIY LED strip lighting.

Various types of LED light strip diffusers

There are several options for the diffuser cover: clear or transparent, frosted, and milky white.

Clear or transparent diffuser. This type of diffuser has the highest rate of light transmittance. But, if you look directly at the LED strip light installed inside, you can see the LED nodes and the strip lighting comes with dots and spots.

Frosted diffuser. It has high light transmittance, and the diffusion effect is also good. Proper combination of the frosted cover and LED strip light can deliver dotless lighting with great brightness.

Milky white diffuser. Milky white diffuser has the best diffusion effect without spots, but the light transmittance is the lowest.

The installation methods for LED light strip diffuser include surface mount, recessed mount or flush mount, corner mount, suspended mount, etc.

LED light strip diffuser features

1. Better Diffusion. Proper selection of LED light strip diffuser will have the right diffusion effect you need for LED strip lighting, creating spotless and bright strip lighting. The diffusion effect depends on the type of cover, the height of the aluminum channel, and the LED density of the light strip.

2. Thermal management. The aluminum channel of the LED light strip diffuser can help dissipate the heat generated by LED strip lights, providing better heat management and making the light strip lifetime longer.

3. Aesthetic improvement. At the same time, LED light strip diffuser greatly improves the appearance of the LED strip lighting, delivering a modern and stylish outlook. It leaves users a visually beautiful and pleasant enjoyment.

4. Protection of the LED light strip. LED strip diffuser protects the light strip from potential harm caused by water droplets, dust, scratches, collisions, etc.

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