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Tunable White LED Strips

Tunable White LED Strip Lights - Adjustable Color Temperature LED Strip

Tunable white LED strip light, adjustable color temperature LED strip, or CCT changeable LED tape lights are a new type of lighting terms we hear more and more. All of these terms refer to a type of LED strip light that can be adjusted to emit variable shades of white, usually in the range from 1800K to 6500K, or from 2700K to 6500K color temperature(CCT). It is usually a 24V adjustable white LED strip. The adjusting white shades or changing color temperature is achieved through a remote or wired tunable white LED controller or DMX controller. 5-Year Warranty. UL Listed.

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Tunable white LED strip lighting 2700K and 6500K
Tunable white LED strip lighting 2700K and 6500K

Some places require the LED strip’s ability to change the white color temperature in different times for various lighting needs. For example, in a bedroom, the owner may want to have higher color temperature of white lighting, like 6500K, during the day to stay energetic for activities, and lower color temperature, like 2700K, at night to fall asleep easily.

See the image at the top for the three different color temperature of the bedroom, you will have a feel of white CCT change from low to high.

A high end restaurant may want to change the lighting color temperature along with the outside variable weather conditions to provide more comfortable lighting to customers. In sunny days, use 6500K cool white to provide contemporary lighting experience to match the spirit; in cloudy days, use 3000K warm white to produce inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

1800K-6500K vs 2700K-6500K adjustable color temperature LED strips

1800K-6500K tunable white LED strip has a wider range of color temperatures than that of the 2700K-6500K tunable white LED strip. With the former one, you have the option to put the light on 1800K orange, 2000K, and 2400K amber. The latter one doesn't have those light.

Buying the adjustable color temperature LED strip light is equivalent to buying a lot of white LED strips. With 1800K-6500K tunable white LED strip, you can choose any color temperature from 1800K to 6500k, enabling you to enjoy 1800K orange, 2400K amber, 2700K warm white, 3000K soft white, neutral white 4000K or 5000K, cool white 6500K daylight bright light with just one LED strip!

When you work or read, you can choose 5000K, 6500K. When it is dark outside, you can choose 3000k, 4000K. You can choose 1800K to 3000k when your brain needs some rest. When you are ready to go to bed, choose 1800K, 2400K, or 2700K to relax your brain and prepare sleeping. 1800K light is amazingly golden yellow, like the gold. It is used to set off various atmospheres. Many designers also like to choose 1800k as the background lighting.

24V dynamic tunable white LED strip lights

To help you enjoy the wonderful experience, we offer fully dimmable, 24V dynamic tunable white LED strip lights to most discerning property owners, architecture designers, and project contractors. The adjustable color temperature LED strip is typically made with 24V voltage selection. It is determined by the LEDs selected and the circuit design to achieve the color temperature change function. The tunable white LED strip is able to change the white color temperature in the range of 1800K to 6500K, or 2700K to 6500K.

tunable white LED strip color temperature
Tunable white LED strip color temperature 1800K to 6500K, 160/m, High CRI 90

Reminder: Remember to buy a tunable white LED controller together with your 24V tunable white LED strip. It is required for the color temperature change function of the light strip.

What are the benefits of tunable white LED strip lights?

In more and more places you see that white light is set to 2700K at one time, then it changes to 4000K, and it changes to 6500K at another time. How did this happen? Are there lights with different color temperature groups installed behind? No, this is a unique feature of the tunable white LED strip. What are the benefits of choosing the adjustable color temperature LED strips?

For better mood setting

Light affects the human non-visual system, including the diurnal regulation of mood. Bright light can enhance focused mood. Blue lights sense to you peace and calmness. Natural light can make you happier. Warm white makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Light can even affect your appetite.

Studies have found that light affects how much we eat, how fast we eat, what foods we eat, and even our opinion on the taste. The use of tunable white LED strip lights is a kind of enjoyment of lighting. From very warm white to very bright white, the color temperature is adjusted according to the light of the day.

Tunable white LED strip lighting has been using for years at high-end restaurants, bars, salons, hotels and clubs, providing customers with a better experience that was impossible before.

For higher productivity

Scientific research shows that alertness is higher in bright light; this can lead to higher level of attention. On the contrary, under the warm reddish light, the brain tends to relax and be less alert, which can reduce the pressure in the overhead space, which is ideal for group work and creative projects. Teachers can decide the lighting color temperature according to the learning materials to achieve the best learning conditions.

Related studies have found that for office workers, high color temperature and high brightness lighting are recommended in the morning and after lunch. In doing so, people at work are essentially "stimulated" to increase alertness and attention, and thereby improve performance.

At lunchtime or at the end of the day, the lighting CCT and brightness levels decrease. At lunch time, it is to relax and recover the body; at the end of the day, prepare the body to rest, so that melatonin begins to be produced on time.

Workplaces can also draw on conference room and classroom lighting. It is beneficial to use tunable white LED strip light to adjust the different color temperature of the meeting room (ie, increase attention, for presentations, brainstorming meetings).

For better health

Researches show that the correct choice of color temperature is beneficial to human health. Lighting of variable color temperatures affect sleep, mood, attention, work and school performance. Recent advances in adjustable color temperature LED technology make it not only useful for lighting purposes, but also helpful to improve the health of the users.

In the bedroom example above, the owner needs different white (color temperature) at different times of the day. The response of the human body to the natural environment is needed, in this case the lighting environment.

For thousands of years living in the sun's circadian cycle, humans have developed a corresponding biological rhythm, called circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is responsible for the production of various hormones, as well as the level of alertness and body temperature.

The various levels of all these things are adjusted continuously throughout the day based on an internal clock of about 24 hours; this clock sets the frequency of the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm uses external information in the form of light to reset and verify when hormone production starts or stops.

Since the beginning of electric lighting, humans are no longer limited to the sun as the sole light source. Because of this, humans can now extend their working hours, longer or earlier than ever before.

However, this new form of light also has an impact on circadian rhythms. Receiving unexpected levels of light at the wrong time, the body produces hormones at the wrong time, and alertness and temperature levels can lose balance. This misalignment can cause a variety of medical symptoms, including reduced sleep and depression.

We use adjustable color temperature led strip lighting to replicate the color temperature light produced by the sun in a day. This means that the light in the morning and night does not have to be so strong, and it becomes brighter at noon. In this way, we provide near-natural lighting and maintain our body's circadian rhythm to improve health.

In our opinion, with the powerful ability to adjust color temperature, tunable white LED strip lights are one of the best LED strips ever made possible by LED advancement. Buy one and enjoy the real lighting now.

5-Year Warranty
We know that your projects need high quality LED strip lights, which are what we are good at. We have been dedicated to developing and making quality LED strips for over ten years. Many types are available to serve the needs of contractors and end users. Our LED strip lights are UL listed and come with a 5-year warranty.