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LED Recessed Channel

LED recessed channel

LED recessed channel is also known as recessed aluminum profile, widely used for LED strip light projects. Install LED strip light inside the channel to achieve better light diffusion and better heat dissipation. The channel can be shallow or deep, resulting in different diffusion effects. It can also protect LED strip light from possible external damages, such as water droplets, dust, scratches, collisions, etc.

LED recessed channel is often sold and used with both LED aluminum channel and diffuser cover included. The aluminum channel is recessed mounted into the surface, such as dry wall, ceiling, and shelves. Compared with the traditional lamps that are usually prominent, LED recessed channel with LED strip light can keep the mounting surface flat without protrusion. It offers a neat and stylish lighting enjoyment.

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LED recessed channel

LED recessed channel Purchase Option

There are two types of LED recessed channel, one with wings or tips and the other without wings. The channel can be shallow, so it is a very low profile that fit limited spaces. It can also be a deep channel, which provides better diffusion than shallower ones.

LED recessed channels with and without wings
Installed LED recessed channels with and without wings

The above picture illustrates the installed LED recessed channels with and without wings. The left is the recessed channel without wings, the right is with wings. Before choosing recessed channels with or without wings, you want to consider the edges of the groove where you put in the aluminum channels. If the edges can be made smooth and nice, you can consider recessed channel without wings. Otherwise consider only those with wings.

Two types of LED recessed channels illustrated
Two types of LED recessed channels

The above picture shows another two types of LED channels that can be recessed mounted. To the left is the channel with wings, to the right is the channel without wings.

For the LED recessed channel with wings, there are also two types of wings. One type is solid, and it has the same appearance as aluminum channels. The other type of wing is perforated or beading for plastering over. With this type of channel, the wings are invisible after installation, so it is sometimes called trimless channel.

The advantage of the LED recessed channel with solid wings is that the wings can cover the unpleasant unevenness of the installation groove. To mount the recessed channel, we need trench a groove to lay in the aluminum channel, or put the aluminum channel in between two mounting surfaces. The edges of the grooves or mounting surfaces may be uneven. The wings of the recessed channel can cover the uneven groove edges to make the installation neat and beautiful.

The LED recessed channel with plaster bead or perforated wings is designed to use plaster to cover and mount the wings. The design allows plaster finishing up to the level of the diffuser. When finished, the wings are hidden and integrated into the entire installation surface such as drywall or ceiling. Only stylish linear lighting is visible. No trim! The plaster bead is also to enhance the bonding force with the covering material. The covering material is more strongly combined with the wings, the installation is more stable.

The aluminum channel without wings can also be used for recessed mounting installation. The result of this installation is that there are no two extra lines of aluminum wing, and the installation surface looks more concise. However, this requires that the edge of the installation groove is very flat and smoothly even. Otherwise, the finish will be unpleasant.

Diffuser option

There are several options for the diffuser cover of LED recessed channel: clear or transparent, frosted, and milky white. Transparent diffuser cover has the highest light transmittance. This type of cover does not provide diffusion and you can see the lighting dots when the LED strip lights are lit up. The frosted diffusion cover has high light transmittance, and the diffusion effect is also great, offering dotless strip lighting. Milky white cover has the best diffusion effect, and easily offers dotless lighting with many options of LED strip lights. However, its light transmittance is the lowest.


The aluminum channel and the diffusion cover are easy to cut, making it very easy to adjust the length. Press and install the diffusion cover into the channel. With the cover facing down, hold the aluminum channel steady against the saw counter, cut the aluminum channel and diffuser easily with a miter saw.

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