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Blue LED Strip Lights

Blue LED strip lights are a very popular colored LED light strip. Our blue light strips emit vivid, pure blue light with a wavelength of 450nm or 460 nm. There are 12V, 24v, indoor and outdoor waterproof versions. As always, our blue LED strip lights are made with consistently high-quality components to ensure the light efficiency and longevity. They are widely used for atmosphere lighting, accent and decorative lighting in homes and business. 5-Year Warranty. UL Listed.

Colored LED light strips series:

Why are blue LED strip lights so popular?

The blue light brings a deep, mysterious romantic feeling, like the feeling of the sea and the sky. The blue strip light also promotes stability and quietness. It produces the sense of knowledge, wisdom, trust, loyalty, and truth. Blue light is considered beneficial to human mind and body.

Blue LED strip lights are often used for places that promote high-tech products, and products and services that are related to cleanness and cleaning function, such as water filters, cleaners, and mineral water. It is also often used for aviation and marine areas.

Application of Blue LED strip lights

Because the blue LED strip lights create a mysterious and romantic atmosphere, it is widely used for bars, clubs, casinos, etc.

Blue LED strip lights are also very popular for home theater, entertainment room, bedroom, TV, and PC bias lighting. They are also suitable for many more places that you can use your imagination.

12V Blue LED Strip Lights

As other strip lights, we have designed 12V blue LED strip lights for many applications that require 12V voltage lights, such as vehicles like cars, boats, yachts, limos, RVs, etc. We also offer 24V blue LED strips. The 24V version is better for long run installation due to the less voltage drop. Voltage drop exists in any LED strip lights. But 24V is higher voltage than 12V, so 24V LED strip lights have less voltage drop for the same length of strips.

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Waterproof blue LED strip light application

Many people use waterproof blue LED strip light to decorate courtyards, decks, gardens. Blue light has a kind of romantic and mystery feeling. Another use is aquarium LED strip. This kind of submerged light strip needs to choose IP67, IP68 waterproof grade, according to the depth of the submerged water. Our waterproof blue LED strip lights are made of high-quality waterproof materials. This waterproof material is resistant to high temperatures and severe cold, and is suitable for cold and hot climates without cracking and softening. At the same time it is not harmful to the human body.

450nm LED strip - vivid blue light

Blue has dark blue and light. Different wavelengths and different quality LEDs will affect its color purity and vividness. We use Epistar high quality blue LEDs. Their wavelengths are 450nm, 460nm, or 470nm. The light in this band is the most vivid and pure blue. If the wavelength is less than 450nm, the blue is deeper, and as the wavelength becomes smaller, the color becomes darker and darker until there are purple hints. As the wavelengths become longer, the blue color gets lighter and lighter until it shows traces of green color.

Our blue LED strip lights guarantee color consistency.

The strict selection and use of blue LEDs within a single bin ensures color accuracy and consistency of a blue strip light. If the LEDs cannot be guaranteed in one single bin number, different shades of blue and inconsistent colors will appear on the light strip.

High efficacy Blue LED strip light

We use high efficacy LEDs to build the bright blue light strip. The discovery of blue LED has been elusive. And when it was finally invented, the blue LED was not bright. Subsequently, Nakamura further researched and developed a high-brightness blue LED using a material called Gallium nitride. Hiroshi Amano and Isamu Akasaki then further improved the Gallium nitride to make high-power blue LEDs practical.

The relationship between blue LEDs and white LEDs: very interesting LED knowledge

In 2014, the three inventors above won the Nobel Prize in Physics for inventing a high brightness blue LED. The award-winning description was "inventing high-efficiency blue light-emitting diodes, bringing energy-saving and bright white light sources".

Isn't it a bit confusing? Why the invention of a high-efficiency blue light-emitting diode brought a white light source? We know that many colors are generated either through the mixing of three primary colors, or a mixture of two primary colors, or a single primary color plus phosphor. Before the creation of high-efficiency blue LEDs, white light could be emitted using individual red, green or blue LEDs. However, the CRI of white light produced by this primary color mixture is not ideal.

With the birth of high-efficiency blue LEDs, high-quality white LEDs were also quickly born. Of the two methods to produce white light, the most widely used method that has been industrialized is to add a yellow phosphor to the high-efficiency blue LED. So, it is no doubt that the high-efficiency blue LEDs are essential to produce high-quality white LEDs. It enabled a new generation of bright white LED lights.

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5-Year Warranty
We know that your projects need high quality LED strip lights, which are what we are good at. We have been dedicated to developing and making quality LED strips for over ten years. Many types are available to serve the needs of contractors and end users. Our LED strip lights are UL listed and come with a 5-year warranty.