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RGB + White Controller

RGBW LED controller

RGBW LED strip controller is an indispensable part for the RGBW LED strip lights to work, acting as the color management center of the lighting system. RGBW LED controller not only controls the colored light, but also has the additional function of fine-tuning white light and mixing white light with the colored light to create richer, more brilliant, and more vibrant colors.

RGBW LED controller has the basic function to adjust the relative strength of each primary color, e.g., red, green, and blue, to mix and generate millions of colors, which is the same as RGB LED controller.

The RGBW controller has four color channels, Red, Green, Blue, and White, also known as 4-in-1 LED strip controller. It can be used not only for RGBW LED strips, but also for RGB LED strips. When used with RGB light strips, the white channel is left unused, which does not affect its use.

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As an advanced version of RGBW LED controller, RGB+CCT LED controller has five color channels, Red, Green, Blue, Warm White and Cool White. It is also called 5-in-1 LED strip controller. CCT stands for correlated color temperature.

RGBW LED controller compared to RGB+CCT controller

RGBW LED controller has most of the same functionality as RGB+CCT controller. RGBW controller can adjust the brightness of the white light for RGBW LED strip. RGB+CCT controller is suitable for RGB+CCT LED strips, also called 5-in-1 LED strips. It can mix and produce millions of colors, and adjust the color temperature of white light for RGB+CCT LED strip lights, to produce warm white, neutral white, and cool white light.

While controlling white color light of the RGB+CCT LED strips, the controller controls two types of white LED nodes, warm white and cool white, just like the tunable white LED controller does. If the warm white light and cool white light of the RGB+CCT LED strip are simultaneously lit, the two white lights will automatically be mixed into neutral white light.

RGBW LED strip commercial lighting
RGBW LED strip commercial lighting

As RGB+CCT controller has one more channel than RGBW controller, it can be used for 4-in-1 RGBW strip lights by leaving a channel open. But RGBW LED controller cannot be used for RGB+CCT strip lights, it would need an additional channel to be used for RGB+CCT strip lights.

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RGBW WiFi controller

The basic function of the RGBW WiFi controller is to manage the colors of RGBW LED strip lights, such as select color, DIY or choose color-changing modes, turn on and off the lights, and more.

In addition to the basic function, RGBW WiFi controller also has the functions of a WiFi controller, such as play music, synchronize music with lighting, control multi-zones separately or synchronously, etc.

It is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, making it easy to be integrated into the smart home lighting control system.

Reminder. To install RGBW LED controllers for your strip light, you may also need to buy a right power supply, use LED strip light connectors to help installation. Also remember to utilize LED aluminum channels to better manage the heat for LED strip lights.