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Neon LED Open Signs

Neon LED Open Signs

Open Signs are important for businesses. In particular, we offer large and bright neon LED open signs for sale. The new electric open for business signs look like traditional neon signs, but are made of LED flexible strip lights and improved durable PVC or silicone materials. They have static and flashing modes, vertical version, store open hours, open closed signs, and more. They all can be lighted up, widely used for businesses, including stores, bars, restaurants, etc. Open sign is an effective, durable and low operation cost advertising for your business or store. It sends an important message to the public: Business is going on, please come in.

At the same time, it also attracts the attention of people passing by, inviting people to look in the direction of your store. They will know your business by looking at your store. If there is demand at the time, customers will enter your store. Or they can remember your store when there is a demand in the future.

Top 8 considerations before buying LED open signs

The LED open sign is so important that choosing a good one is crucial. So what aspects should you pay attention to when choosing? Here we introduce you the eight major considerations before buying open signs.

1. Light up open signs. Anyway, with our many years of experience, if installation allows, choose a lighted open sign. In terms of attracting attention, it is much better than not lighted ones.

light up LED neon open sign
Light up LED neon open sign

2. Brightness. The higher the brightness of the LED open sign, the better, so that people from a long distance can see it. Our open signs are made of high efficacy LEDs to make sure they are bright and last long.

3. Large size. Generally speaking, if conditions permit, choose a large open sign. It is also for the reason that the bigger the sign, the longer distance people can see it from.

Large LED neon open sign
Large LED neon open sign

4. Horizontal or vertical open signs. It refers to the arrangement of the four letters "OPEN". Horizontal ones are typical and classic. But some shops have the window sizes that can't fit horizontally and need to choose vertical version.

5. Static or flashing open signs. Some shop owners prefer static open signs, while others prefer flashing ones. Scientific research shows that when people are moving, flashing objects can attract more attention. Many of our open signs have dual modes of static and flashing, which can be switched at any time.

6. Energy efficient. LED open signs are much more energy efficient than the glass neon signs. Energy saving not only means low operation cost for the open sign, but also a green action to protect the environment.

7. Quality. For our LED neon open signs, we use high quality LED strip lights with high-efficiency LEDs that are bright but generates low heat to make our products last longer. We insist on quality. This is due to our own life experience. We do not want to buy inferior products ourselves, so as we do not want our customers to buy disappointed products.

LED neon open signs with high efficiency LEDs
LED neon open signs with high efficiency LEDs

8. Price. Common sense is that the cheapest will not be high quality. Because too low prices will inevitably lead to the use of poor materials, otherwise manufacturers will lose money. Although our price is not the lowest, we are factory direct sales, there is no intermediate link, so we can provide high quality open sign to you at a lower price.

The advantages of LED neon open sign over glass neon sign

Our open signs belong to LED neon open, which is made with LED flexible neon strip. Traditional neon open is made of glass. The advantages of LED neon open signs are low voltage and safer, lower price, longer lifetime, and more energy-saving and lower operating cost. Below we explain to you the detailed benefits of LED neon open signs.

1. Low voltage and safe to use. LED open signs usually use 12V flexible strips, low voltage operation, low heat dissipation, and extremely safe to use. Unlike the traditional glass neon sign, its normal operation requires 3,000 - 15,000 volts high voltage. It is not safe to put such a high voltage signs around and the sign is made of glass!

2. High brightness. The light source is made of high brightness LEDs. Using 80 LEDs per meter, 90 LEDs per meter, or higher LED density arrangement is the fundamental guarantee of the overall luminous effect and high brightness of our LED open signs.

Bright LED neon open sign
Bright LED neon open sign

3. Long lifetime and durability. Based on the LED technology and a new structure added, our LED open signs can easily achieve an ultra-long service life of 50,000 hours. This means over 10 years usage with 12 hours continuous operation a day. Compared with glass neon signs, the neon open signs made of flexible light strips have increased space for light emission and heat dissipation, making the lifetime much longer. LED neon open sign adopts PVC or silicone body, no need to consider the broken problem of glass neon signs. Traditional neon signs are made of glass tube, which is fragile and easily causes danger. Moreover, the neon glass tube has poor heat dissipation ability, which shortens the service life of the product.

4. Flexible. LED open signs use flexible light strip that can be bent easily, and can be cut at a very short length, so it is very easy to make various texts and graphics. At the same time, the flexible neon strip also makes installation very convenient and fast.

5. Energy saving. Flexible neon lights consume less power because their light sources are LEDs, which are much energy saving than glass neon lights. Typically flexible LED neon signs can save more than 84% of operation cost in energy.

6. Convenient transportation and installation. Because the PVC or silicone body and LED lights are different from glass neon lights, LED neon open signs are not vulnerable to the broken issue. They are easy to transport and install.

Neon signs has shined brilliantly

Why do many customers like Neon Open? Neon open is a vintage open sign. It has formed a culture in our lives over time. Neon lights have has accumulated a sense of rich history.

The origin of neon.
In 1898, the famous Scottish chemist Sir William Ramsay discovered a noble gas resistant to liquefaction, which turned bright red when energized. He named the gas "Neon". Vancouver, Canada was once known as the "Neon Capital". In 1950, various advertisements were promoted with neon lights, and even the decoration outside the churches were also neon lights. At that time, Vancouver had the largest neon production in the world.

Neon led open sign for business store
Neon led open sign for business store

New signboards are now made with LED lights, which are better at lower prices and longer life. We have combined neon and LED perfectly. This kind of OPEN signs offers the same tradition neon feeling, and be brighter and energy efficient.

The unique artistic value of neon lights.
Neon light debuted at the Paris Motor Show in 1910. The lights decorating the exterior of the building emitted a different color than before, and all the guests at the scene were attracted by these novel lights. The best use of neon lights is for commercial areas and street signs. Neon lights were first applied to barber shops, and then spread to every corner of the city.

Paris's urban temperament makes neon lights a natural counterpart to the city. After a while, neon lights came to the United States. At the 1939 New York World's Fair, neon lights decorated many signboards, and many companies were willing to use neon lights to promote their products. Neon lights made a great success in business.

Neon light is not only a decoration, but also has a high artistic value. Neon lights have become a source of many science fiction novels, and have greatly promoted the development of cyberpunk art. It has become an iconic background for sci-fi cyberpunk movies, because the gorgeous colors of neon lights can simultaneously show a variety of strong contrasts: the conflict of prosperity and decadence, the interlacing of future and reality, the contrast of rich and poor, making people have a feeling of time and space interlaced.

Save the neon light arts.
Although neon lights are being replaced by more and more energy-saving LED lights, and neon signs are less and less seen on the streets, more and more people are beginning to miss the neon culture. Artists in many regions have begun to save the visual culture in various ways.

Many countries and regions have dedicated neon museums to keep these neon signs. The Museum of Neon Art in California is an institution that encourages learning and curiosity by preserving, collecting, and interpreting neon art. It is dedicated to the art of neon lighting, specializing in electronic media art, including dynamic art and historic neon signs.

There are various kinds of neon signs in the museum. When you walk in, you will see a variety of neon lights from various locations in the museum. The museum houses many neon signs that have been rescued from old, broken, and thrown neon lights.

The opening of this museum has set off a nostalgic atmosphere in the United States. These old neon signs show the light that once shone in the city in the last century. In the memory of many people, neon lights are not only a symbol of economic prosperity, but also a unique art.