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Cool White 6000K-6500K

Buying guide for 6000K - 6500K LED strip, the brightest LED strip lights

6000K - 6500K LED strips, also known as cool white LED strip lights, are the brightest LED strips among the white LED strip lights, assuming that all other conditions such as wattage, luminous efficacy and LED density are the same. Due to their high brightness, the super bright 6500K LED strips are widely used for commercial lighting, retail shops, modern spaces, high end hotels and restaurants, as well as offices and school classrooms. 5-Year Warranty. UL Listed.

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What is 6500K LED strip light?

6500K LED is the LED that emits light with a color temperature of 6500K. 6500K is a thermal measure of color temperature.

What is color temperature?

Color temperature is related to the thermodynamic temperature, expressed in Kelvin (K). Absolute zero is the zero degree defined by the Kelvin temperature scale. 0 degrees Kelvin(0 K) is approximately equal to -273 degrees Celsius. All thermal motion stops at absolute zero.

LED color temperature

Color temperature is a measure of the color of light. This concept is based on a fictitious blackbody that starts to heat from absolute zero (-273 degrees Celsius) and emits light of different colors when heated to different temperatures. The blackbody appears in different colors. Just like heating an iron block, the iron block turns red first, then yellow, and finally turns white.

When the light emitted by a light source is the same as the light emitted by the blackbody at a certain temperature, the temperature is defined as the color temperature of the light.

6500K LED strip
6500K is the light emitted by the blackbody at 6227 degrees Celsius, (6227 + 273) Kelvin = 6500K. 6500K light mimics the natural sunlight of the light on a sunny day, so it is also called daylight white. It is internationally recognized as the white point of LCD displays. All LCD manufacturers use this white color temperature to calibrate the white color of the LCD displays.

The 6500K LED strip is equipped with LEDs with a color temperature of 6500K. It is the brightest led strip lights when people are talking about white LED strip lights. Light with temperature above 7000K begins to appear blue, and the object it illuminates looks with a blue tint.

Our brightest 6500K LED strip lights come in 12V or 24V version. To install and provide power to it, you need to choose proper voltage power adapters or LED power supplies.

What can cool white 6500K LED strips do?

6500k white LED strip lights for commercial display cabinet
6500K LED strip light commercial lighting

The cool white LED strip light produces 6500K lighting, which is much brighter than warm white or neutral white. These super bright LED strip lights are very attractive and practical in many situations.

Retail space
As the brightest LED strip lights, 6500K LED strips can make the space stand out, attract people's attention and make the colors vivid and pleasant. Many jewelry and watch stores use 6500K LED strips as display lighting, making their merchandise sparkling and attractive.

The cool white bright lights set the tone for high-end and high-quality stores. Many of our brightest LED strip lights feature a high CRI 90+ and can greatly assist customers in shopping by clearly displaying product details and true colors.

An essential lighting element for contemporary spaces
As the color temperature moves from low range to high, the feeling of the light changes from warm to cool. The 6500K light is at the high end of the color temperature range, and contains a cool and high-profile sense. As such, designers consider cool white 6500K LED strips an essential lighting element for contemporary spaces such as high-end hotels, restaurants, clubs, and houses.

Increase productivity
The 6500K brightest LED strip provides ultra bright white light that looks cool. It tells the human brain to generate stimulating awareness to draw attention and keep people awake and focused. This high level of awareness and attention can lead to high productivity. So 6500K LED strip lights are often used in manufacturing facilities, classrooms, offices, etc.

Which are the brightest LED strip lights?

brightest LED strip lights for ceiling lighting
6500K LED strip lights for homes

1. Brightness is measured by lumens. i.e., the total amount of visible light. The higher the lumen output, the brighter the LED strip. Users refer to the lumen output per foot or per meter and select the brightest LED strips lights.

2. The relationship of brightest LED strip light and high efficacy. Assume other conditions are the same, for example under the same current and voltage, and using the same number of LEDs, the higher the luminous efficiency of the LED package, the higher the brightness of the LED strip. For this reason, the brightest LED strip lights are built with high luminous efficay LEDs. Therefore, they are also called high efficacy LED strips.

Using LEDs with high luminous efficiency and large chips, with the proper current design, is the only right way to make the brightest LED strip lights while ensuring the lifetime of the strip. Typically, the white LED strip lights made from LEDs with larger chips and high efficacy produce brighter light. With the high efficacy LEDs, we manufacture white LED strip lights that are 2000 Lumens, 3000 lumens, and even more lumens per meter, which is the brightest LED strips on the market. At the same we design these LED strips to draw a proper current and keep the strip under the best heat management.

Warning! Be careful to avoid traps that are common in the name of brightest LED strip lights. Due to fierce competition, some manufacturers seek high brightness while using poor quality LEDs at low cost, which will result in short life of LED strips.

They usually use small chip LEDs with low luminous efficiency to lower cost, and then design LED light strips with a killing current to achieve high brightness. In this case, the seemingly brightest LED strip lights operate at high currents and generate excessive heat. Severe light decay and short life are common problems with these bright LED strips.

3. The relationship of brightest LED strip light and LED density. The brightest LED strip light is usually a 6500K LED strip equipped with a high density of LEDs. This point is in line with the common sense. The LED density directly affects the brightness of the LED strips. Again, it is under the condition that all other things are equal, such as the LED's luminous efficacy, the designed current flowing through the circuits. It is because that the brightness of a single LED is limited, even if it is highly luminous efficient, more LEDs per unit length are needed to increase the brightness.

4. The relationship of brightest LED strip light and color temperature. Other conditions are the same, cool white LED strip lights with color temperature at 6000K-6500K are the brightest to human eyes. This is determined by the above discussed definition of the color temperature.

There are five common color temperature ranges: orange (1800K), amber(2400K), warm white (2700K, 3000K), neutral white (4000K, 5000K) and cool white (6000K-6500K). Amony them, neutral white and cool white have much higher brightness than the other three. 6500K LED strip is usually the brightest to the visual feeling of human eyes. The 6000K LED has a lower color temperature than the 6500K LED strip. White light with color temperature over 8000K will have a distinct blue hue.

Therefore, a pure white LED strip light usually has a color temperature of 6000K-6500K. It is also known as daylight white, the most popular pure white. At the same wattage, the 6500K LED strip light looks to have highest brightness, and is commonly referred to as the brightest LED strip lights.

In short, the 6500K LED strip is the brightest white LED strip light to human vision, the closest to natural daylight white light. Light with a color temperature of more than 6500K looks blueish.

Which one is right for my project, 4000K neutral white or cool white 6500K LED strip?

With a lighting project, we need ask the question: which one is the right LED strip for my project? do I need the brightest LED strip lights? It is no doubt that the brightest LED strips can provide brighter light than other LED strips. The question is that we need figure out if the brightest light serves the lighting purpose of the project, or does it fit for the environment? We recommend you choose the right one, not necessarily the brightest one.

For example, normally the brightest LED strip lights are not used for bedrooms as the bright light can raise alertness of human brain so it is not easy to fall asleep in that bright environment. Bars usually don't use the 6500K LED strips, because this brightest LED strip light does not help create a suitable tone for the entertainment place, it can even ruin the atmosphere.

The brightest LED strip lights are suitable for industrial lighting and office lighting. The indudstrial places need light that shows high details for easy and accurate operation, and require high level of alertness for safety. Office needs to keep high level of brain focus to increase produtivity. The brightest LED strip lights serve these purposes very well.

4000K LED strip is good for bathroom general lighting as its white color is not too yellowish nor is too bright. It is the white with a little warm hint, making the bathroom clear enough for safety but also relaxing for enjoying bath.

But it is the 6500K LED strip light task lighting that makes the bathroom lighting complete. Why?

Because 6500K LED is unique in that it will show our body details and color in the way as you are in the natural daylight. The light will show the real facts of ourselves, including any flaw or unusual spot or colors of our skin and body. This may remind us to check out these unusual conditions to make sure we are healthy.

Another task for the bathroom is for makeup application. Here 6500K LED strip light is the lighting of your choice. You may have the experience that you applied makeup in the bathroom but found the color hue of your face different when you went outside. This is nothing wrong with the makeup.

This can be because that the lighting color temperature for the makeup area in the bathroom is different from 6500K. Because 6500K is the closest light to daylight, use of a 6500K LED strip light for your cosmetics area in the bathroom will make sure you look the same when you walk into outside daylight.

For the same reason, 6500K LED strip lights are perfect for art design studios, photography, printing, and museums and exhibitions.

If you want to have both 4000K and 6500K light, or even more choices of color temperature at any time you like, you can choose the tunable white LED strip lights, which produce lights with any color temperature between 2700K and 6500K, or between 1800K and 6500K.

5-Year Warranty
We know that your projects need high quality LED strip lights, which are what we are good at. We have been dedicated to developing and making quality LED strips for over ten years. Many types are available to serve the needs of contractors and end users. Our LED strip lights are UL listed and come with a 5-year warranty.

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