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Corner Mounted

LED Strip Mounting Channel - Corner Mounted

LED strip mounting channel is usually sold as a kit that includes an aluminum channel and a diffusion cover. More and more LED strip users buy and use it for their lighting projects. The mounting channel helps mount the LED strip and provides great light diffusion effect to realize spotless lighting. It also protects LED light strip from unwanted harm andprovides better thermal management, extending the lifetime of the light strips.

Corner mounted channel series
Corner mount is one of the popuplar methods of installation for LED strip mounting channel. Corner mounted aluminum channels, the popular angled LED channels, are usually referred to as 45 degree or 90 degree LED aluminum channels. They are often used at places such as under cabinets, under counters, ceiling, room corners, stairs, etc. More information about corner mounted aluminum channel is available at the lower part of this page.

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LED aluminum channel is an important partner for professional LED strip lighting installation. Due to its low height, LED aluminum channel can be installed anywhere, and it is also suitable for places with limited spaces. Compared with the large size and prominent appearance of traditional lamps, LED aluminum channel has the advantages of a wider range of applications. It can also be set to direct the light to a specific angel, and to provide lighting for desired areas.

LED Strip Mounting Channel Purchase Options

There are many types of LED aluminum channels, which are distinguished according to size, shape, and installation method.

There are usually three options for the diffuser cover of LED aluminum channel: frosted, clear or transparent, and milky white. The frosted diffusion cover is the most popular among the three. It has high light transmittance, and the diffusion effect is also great, offering dotless strip lighting with high brightness.

Clear or transparent diffuser cover has the highest light transmittance. This type of cover does not provide diffusion and you can see the light dots when the LED strip lights are lit up. Milky white cover has the best diffusion effect, and easily offers dotless lighting with many options of LED strip lights. However, its light transmittance is the lowest.


The aluminum channel and the diffusion cover are easy to cut, which making the length adjustment very easy. Press and install the cover into the channel. With the cover facing down, hold the aluminum channel steady against the saw counter, the aluminum channel can be cut easily with a miter saw


LED aluminum channel has many mounting methods, such as surface mount, corner mount, recessed or flush mount, suspended mount, etc. There are many mounting accessories, such as using mounting clips, screws, double-sided tape, glue, etc.

Types of LED Strip Mounting Channels that are corner mounted

3030 - Corner mounted LED aluminum channel
3030 - Corner mounted LED aluminum channel, home lighting

There are several types of LED aluminum channel that is often to be installed at corners. One type comes with a semicircular light diffuser. This type offers a large angel of lighting.

The second type is designed with a square shape of light diffuser. With a 90 degree angel, the square diffuser makes itself a bolder finish, which is not seen in a semicicular diffuser.

The third type offers lighting that is more focused and directed at 45 degree from the corner. This type extends the aluminum walls of both sides inward to reduce the width of the diffuser, obtaining a smaller angle of lighting.

1616 - Corner mounted LED aluminum channel
1616 - corner mounted LED aluminum channel, commercial lighting

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