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What are LED strip lights?

LED strip lights, also known as LED tape lights, are created by soldering surface mounted device(SMD) LEDs and other electrical parts onto flexible print circuit(FPC) boards. They generate strip-shaped lighting when connected to power source. So did they get the name strip lights.

Major components of a LED light strip include: SMD LEDs, FPC board, resistors, and 3M double-sided adhesive backing.

What are LED strip lights

How long do LED strip lights last?

Heat management determines how long LED strip lights last. Best LED strip lights easily last 50,000 hours, which is about six years of continuous use. Heat is the major factor that causes LEDs to stop working. Best LED strip lights use quality materials, are created out of better scientific design, and are manufactured with controlled processes. Thus, they achieve much better heat management performance than their inferior counter parties.