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What Can LED Strip Lights Do?

LED strip lights can do much more than you would imagine. They have been becoming as the lighting source of the widest range of applications. They are the most creative and versatile lighting for lighting design professionals. Properly designed and installed, LED strip lights can be perfect for ambient lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, and bias lighting.

under cabinet strip lighting and ceiling cove lighting

Difference among ambient lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, and bias lighting.

They are the professional terms for lighting design and application. It is not hard to understand their difference, because although many people don't know these terms, they have already applied the basic ideas behind these terms in everyday life.

  • Ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is referred to as general lighting or mood lighting. It is the start point of base amount light for a room. It is the general lighting that not only allows you safely move, but also sets the tone in the whole room.

  • Accent lighting. Accent lighting is the lighting that is focused on a small area or part of the room. Under counter strip lighting is often a special design to highlight the area. Accent lighting is also used with the purpose to make the area standout. Accent lighting is often used for displaying artistic pieces, photos, or trophies.

  • Task lighting. When you work on a job, you need tasking lighting. It assists you to tackle on tasks by raising alert and focus level in brain, and by illuminating objects or area in details. Task lighting is often seen in such areas as home office desk and kitchen countertop. Under cabinet strip lighting can be a good example of task lighting.

  • Bias lighting. Bias lighting is the backlight used on the backside of the TVs, screens or monitors. It puts soft lighting in the back area which is usually dark. Bias lighting is designed with the purpose to enhance the performance TV screens, and to ease viewer's eyes.

With these lighting abilities, strip lights have been used for residential lighting, commercial display lighting, architectural lighting, and industrial lighting. Below are the popular applications.

Under cabinet strip lighting.

Our best LED strip lights are extremely popular for LED under cabinet strip lighting due to its low profile and easy installation. They are straight and flat, very easy to hide under cabinet or shelves, where limited space is a challenge for other type of lights.

LED light strips for ceiling lighting.

Ceiling cove strip lighting has been the popular ambient lighting for modern homes.Unlike downlights that require an opening in the ceiling, LED strip lights are flat and thin, perfect to hide in ceiling coves. Warm white ceiling lighting sets the living room as a cozy and relaxed area. While cool white ceiling lighting creates a refreshing atmosphere for the whole space. RGB ceiling lighting is often used to create party and holiday lighting occasions.

LED light strips for room.

Use the best LED strip light for room application has been a lighting design trend for many professionals. They are not only good for interior applications, but also good for outdoor led lighting. Application examples follow:

Under cabinet lighting
Modern kitchen island lighting
Under counter lighting
Ceiling concealed cove lighting
Bedroom lighting
LED recessed lighting
Bathroom lighting
Closet lighting
Living room lighting
LED stair step lighting
Garage lighting
Stage lighting
Decking lighting
Schoolhouse lighting
Landscape lighting
Restaurant lighting

LED strip lights for TV.

LED strip lights are perfect for creating bias lighting for TV, desktop monitor, home theater screen, etc. LED backlight strips for TV produce weak bias lighting that can optimize TV contrast performance, and help reduce eye strains for TV viewers.

Without bias lighting, the area around TV or display screen is dark. TV screens create high lighting contrast with the area around. When exposed to the high contrast of lighting for long time, viewer's eyes will constantly adjust to the high contrast and thus feel strained. Bias lighting doesn't glow directly toward viewers, and greatly reduce the high contrast and hence viewer's eye strains.

LED light strips for cars and RVs.

People also use our best LED strip lights for automotive cars and RVs. Because LED light strips are flat and low profile, they are perfect for use in the limited space in cars and RVs. Compared to other high profile lights such as bulbs, strip lights need much smaller space for installation, creating greater distance for the lighting from people, and leave bigger space for people in cars and RVs.

LED strip lights for Christmas, holidays and parties.

More and more people use RGB LED strip lights for Christmas, holidays, and parties. This is because LED strips operates on 12V or 24V low voltage, very safe to use. Almost anybody can easily install it. RGB LED strip lights can create almost unlimited light colors and lighting changes, and can easily sync with music. These features make RGB strip lights perfect for creating atmosphere for Christmas and parties.

LED sign lighting strips.

LED strip lights are also used as backlighting for LED signage and channel letters. Due to its low profile and high brightness, LED strip is great to be used as backlight for signage letters.

For example, LED strips are widely used to create attractive halo for company logos on the wall of reception area. Our S shape, or zig zag LED strip lights are specially designed to make turns easily, making them perfectly fit for backlight installation, even for small sign letters.

In summary, LED strip lights can do a lot more than what you might think. Be creative or follow others, you will really enjoy DIY lighting with LED strip lights.