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Choose between warm white and cool white light

Cool white is a much brighter, stronger white color compared to warm white. Warm white light provides welcoming and relaxing feeling, while cool white light looks standing-alone, more modern appearance. Their differences include color temperature, different feelings sensed by viewers, and different advantages in respective lighting applications. This guide helps you understand and choose between warm white and cool white lighting.

Warm white vs cool white strip lighting
Contrasting effects of warm white and cool white LED strip lighting

1.There is a huge difference between warm white and cool white, as far as color temperature is concerned. In the color temperature range of daily lighting applications, warm white is at the lower end of the range, and while cool white is at the higher end. Warm white has a yellowish hue, while cool white has no yellowish hue, but daybright white.

2. In terms of giving people feelings, warm white strip lights produce lighting that makes people relax and happy. It looks inviting and intimate to viewers. In contrast, cool white light strips offer lighting that helps people concentrate and raises their alert. Cool white light brings the feeling that the object is prominent and away from people.

3. The strength of warm white is to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere, while cool white is good at clearly showing the details or creating a transparent, high-end space of contemporary appearance.